Human of a First Morning

In the first part of my journey
i saw the skies without clouds
and the rivers were so dry

i saw plants and birds and things
and the sound was silent
but the ground was full of sound

After the first day i recalled
i was someone familiar as human
but felt good to be away
and sank into my dream

Upon the third day i began to weep
and removed my feet and mouth
and thought of my eyes and vision
realizing i’m not anyone yet

After eons i realized time was goo
how lost i was in morning broken sun
like the first burst of seeing you
the weakness sweetness of form
of human.

:: 03.28.2023 ::

The Poet’s notes:

The poem “Human of a First Morning” describes the experience of a person on a journey. The first part of the journey is characterized by a stark landscape with clear skies and dry rivers. The person observes plants, birds, and other things, but there is a silence that permeates the environment, even though the ground seems to make a sound.

As the journey continues, the person seems to lose touch with their human identity, feeling like they are someone unfamiliar. They sink into their dreams, perhaps seeking comfort or escape from the strangeness of their experience.

On the third day, the person experiences a profound sense of loss and begins to weep. They detach from their physical body, removing their feet and mouth, and reflect on their vision and identity. They come to the realization that they are not anyone yet, suggesting that their journey is a process of self-discovery.

Towards the end of the poem, the person reflects on the passage of time and how they have been lost in the morning broken sun. The moment of awakening, the “first burst of seeing you,” is described as both weak and sweet. The final line, “of human,” underscores the importance of human identity and the journey to self-discovery.

Overall, the poem explores themes of identity, self-discovery, and the human experience. It suggests that the journey to self-discovery can be disorienting and challenging but ultimately rewarding.

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