The Beating Hearts

How happy are the solitary souls,
Who sow the sky in desert knolls,
Who seek the living ‘neath the breeze,
And chase the dreams that no one sees.

For they are salt of the earth,
Who find their joy in nature’s mirth,
And as they roam, their eyes alight,
With beauty hidden from plain sight.

The desert sings its lonely song,
As time screeches and ticks along,
But those who seek can find repose,
And love the words that no one knows.

The winged sun sheds its feathers bright,
And laughter fills the eternal light,
As the fennec darts beyond the dune,
And the mirage fades like a forgotten tune.

And though the rocks may lay in bed,
With silence echoing in their stead,
The fixed eye hovers alone,
Like the eagle soaring to its throne.

The snake may smother the rat’s last breath,
And death may steal the morning’s dew,
But those who seek can find their bliss,
In the wonderland of solitude.

Oh, how happy are the ones who see,
The world through eyes that dance and glee,
For they find meter in life’s great plan,
And love in the beating heart of man.

: 03.30.2023 ::

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