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SANG the song bird
so solemnly
upon it’s perch
unknowingly in peace
the destruction below

Innocence is blind
decayed reality
below the bridge
she sings to me
melodies of truth

Let’s sing a song
unsheathe the disease
and lay down the sword
the blade is worn
and life is sharp

The bewildered youth
clearly see melee
confusion is the union
Let our future control
and guide us to our fate

We sing the song bird’s
song of truth and light
perched so high above
it touches
— the film of heaven

:: 01/24/2014 ::


THE emotional dimension
— most interesting
a part of the human-animal
a landscape built on perception
the landfill —
of revelations | experiences
beauty and truth and joy-pain

These nuances
constitute the human-experience
do beat down
such dark hole
some call depression
— spiritual malaise
threatens to eat us alive



I’M falling into blue-skies
because the world
— is tender-round
Fly my feather-heart
into wind-highs
Because your heart
is blue – it makes me cry
No need for crystal-tears
you can hold my hands
and come fly with me
into love-is skies so blue


UPON empty midnight streets
a washed in silver night rains
I carried your ghost in arms

Not once did you say —
or breath upon my skin
your ghost declines such pleasure

And on that cobblestone night
clickety-clack of horsemen
I saw your shadow in the park

Frozen-stare in congealed time
then in action I ran toward you
there by the grand tree of oak

Moonbeam drops through pale skin
opal hair distant stare
ruby lips love-drench gems

Away the world fell
cascade-passion drowned
eddies swirl-lust despair

You are the ghost
within my arms
moon-leaves fall
sparkle-night burn
one body–two hearts

I carry you today
— tomorrow-eternally
one body
— two hearts



YES there is a light
that bright light within
so warmly burning
eternally so warming


And so you catch a star
gently swinging from afar
and fall upon your head
— softly-bump your heart

And all your pennies falling
across a peppered-ground
tears so burning
— but not a sound

Dry-heaving sobs inside beating
fearful once it’s started…
and uncontrolled reeling
across the ground scattered feelings

But when it’s over – yes it shall
that inner strength releases
sunbeams of perpetual soul-light
and then shall you know —
the immortal soul you are…

indisputably strong
singing swan song      



I PACE my life in measured stride
and face my strive — pleasure aside
and though I know the pain of love
it soothes the ache within my soul



unceasing fear
like falcon-clutched throat
belies my appearance in light

On the surface —
no ripple
beneath the veil
a crashing winter ocean

To be…
one wave short
of a shipwreck
— without rescue boat

Abandon deck
all below
we sink
with mast and sail

Who cries
for the lost
at sea — the gulls shriek
beneath the tides —
the souls


And if I kissed the scar
  upon your soul
soothed away
  the oceans of pain
Could the light of sun
  touch your spirit
And if by chance — love
  visited your home
in the fire
Could reason be enough —
to find my love
      — // —