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MADNESS over love is crazy
but crazy gets things done

:: 12-31-2013 ::


WHETHER such weeping
soothes an aching heart
that feather-feel upon
the breast so tender
matters for naught

Who knocks but tears
upon your cedar door
surely the reason
nocturnal singing
by Nightingales

Flow-bow wayside my dear
the reed who bends
against torrential winds
but never breaks her stem
romantic hearts eternally burn

:: 12/31/2013 ::


THESE are my friends
one that wishes
the other that begs

Hush to one I said
life bleeds with cuts
the other such pity

These are my friends
one cries and shouts
the other silently weeps

Soothe such anger my angel
blackness begs an audience
dry your eyes my other!

We are such friends
she lives beneath my skin
turmoil burns tender hearts

Now you shall shine
rubies shall you drip
upon the land of giving

At last!  My love’s complete



SUCH daze enters
into few hours
beyond my avatar
of senselessness
that crunch
— popcorn tasteless

The piper visited
for his pay
as my universe
spoke to me
a decree:
— “tis no free lunch today!”

Black pepper eyes tear
rose cheeks bleed
the bark of tongue
peels beneath brokenness
a heart torn in part
— between light and dark

Soft skin easily torn
by black raven beaks
eat the pepper-pecked
what eye could not see
blindness shows to me
— love is all there is

Scream lung-flung disease
purge rotten feeling-be
angel piss golden bliss
high heels Diablo made
fracture-me piece-me
— together for another day



WHAT of the man who adores
the baby breath of his child
and conjure ancient-spirit
to protect his broad
What of the man that love
the spouse who conflicts
the concept of enternal love
Who can say — without delay
truth or right – I’d be dismayed
what true love be in light of humanity
Hush my fellow human – say nothing!
Let the tides swell – believe me
the shores be clean post-storm
— this day



TODAY such senses
ignited my way
Such a gift from on high
— oh my!
The trees melted
into the firmament
as molten blue skies
with cloud-white dew
gently dripped across
the lands of Mother Earth
What power that be
that ignites reality!?
Only love…it can be!



GOLDEN dreams
once I had
— like swaying braids
of yellow wheat
across vast fields
of loving land
But such dreams
— in parched days
and so they died
Now I sleep
and pray to dream
of crystal lands
and blue-kiss skies
She touches me
and my fears flee
Tenderly sleep-dream
kissing me
— we tenderly dream



I LIVE with you
within my heart
It has no door
— lest you escape
And windows
— there are none
The meadow is here
— for you to lay within
And the sun shines!
— as do the stars
All are within my heart
— beautiful souls may come
but I shall never let go!


IT was the eve of a brilliant sunset
that love passed my way this night
It swept in on a wisp of fragrant air
Honeysuckle-spring lips soul-touch.
It was tremble-thunder delight
knee bending soul-clutching bliss.
But as it came so it left me this night.
Between the wings of a butterfly…
Softly it flew away…
My hands to slow…
My heart now cold
My love
I go…


SEEING you and him in a wish
I shall not pass by this night
but cast an arrow across your hearts
spark the light of love — your souls
light breaks — daybreak loves you most
a new day of love for you both
and I sling my arrows your way

All I want is to give love
and love is all I can give
and all is the air I need
to breath the love into you

Tomorrow comes and many other days
gracefully taking time in stride
and loving your time eternally
and all you want is what I gave
and give I give each and every day

I am so cupid — loving you all
nothing greater than giving my all
farming a soil rich in lust and love
nothing better than to give my all

Tomorrow I bring
another lover
to their love
its all I can do
to give to you