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TO be human
is to be weak

:: 01-26-2014 ::


AND here I sit
— shattered
upon a ruinous estate

All the world a glass
and looking through to me
t’was nothing but a shadow

And now more of the lesser
— the church bells singing
a beginning or ending its ringing…

Perchance the dance of life
or requeim for the dead



JUST a moment
that which we lose
when pain regrets
— it’s touch
a shallow feeling ensues
engulfs the good in all

Plainly said
— in all remorse
the cause nothing
less than  fear
It moves the world
and burns our dreams…



MY DEEPEST despair, a formal greeting
Such reasons like pompous meanings
My heart bleeding upon corner stones
Such time until I become seconds

My hands so calloused in meaning
Of feelings, heart, and believing
Tis a frightful way
Regressed living
My cage small in existence

But now is paramount to be
if nothing just for me
A summer breath burning
From flesh–to–boiling–it’s me



REDUCED I feel so lightly
and say no more than ‘sword’
Gently digging-cutting
so scorned a love as yours
—  bleeding–killing vicious
The soul I once so loved
— and gently knew…
withered before
my bleeding eyes
A kiss to you my ghost
and gently sweep away
from dust to dust as most
I once believed in us
But now I lay to rest
this deceased dream I must



I DESIRE that which is mine
and give no quarter
to those who challenge
the fruit of my tree of life

I guard with constant diligence
the beauty by my side
her beauty madly drives
sane men into frenzy

Tis such a small price
for a gentleman to pay
to possess such a fire
her furnace forges my love

Fair warning to weaker men
best you chase less fair women
my stick has a spot for you
surely your head atop my spigot!



ONCE again, as night falls
and I quiver from the pain
of absolute lonlieness
my heart races toward
unseen places —
where do I go
to find that place
where broken hearts
die alone
I fear —
fear the answer
such is my mind
to realize —
in death we gain
the love we lost



Mother, I bring to you my heart
You taught me kindness
But this world is an ugly place
It withers the skin of my soul

Mother, forgive me for weakness
You taught me much too well
How to be a good man in this place
It destroys those who appear weak

And I will take the hand that is kind
and appease the gods that demand —
a soul for a heart in a crazy world

So, mother, give me your love
and tell me a lullaby so I can believe
in true love — it may never come my way

I bring to you my heart
broken by deep despair
lay it upon your pillow
and pray I can live again


MY SPIRIT, let us forget this pain
  You and I, this night
You may forgive such sorrow she gave,
Together let us forget her sight

Please promise many tomorrows
  that my heart and spirit can rejoice
Leaving behind the pain and death
  That she forged by saying goodbye
                        — // —


I NEED my pain —

its 99% of who I am…