Daily Archives: July 16, 2015


IN the large light of
a loving tongue
and gold is pink lips,
so understood!
i am so construed
by the gallop of
my beating heart ||
and if you understand
conjugated by two souls
of mine and yours
and it’s love within
the hands of a sudden
fastidious expressive
explosion, it’s understood
and while this
Everywhere and Thing
i hold close to me
to comprehend the
innocently doomed
o my love oh if you
never ask me why i
never say goodbye to you
(so understood) she’s
everywhere with-where i am
and if love is understood

:: 07-15-2015 ::


i must say the words
are hungry always
looking for a home
either paper or heart
is all the same!
and if life gives you
a face and you
another — i say
be both and not
one other!
Life is temporary
but heaven and hell
well, are always
hungry for a poet!

:: 07-15-2015 ::