Daily Archives: July 11, 2015


oh, so lonely are the stop lights
like life we try to hide that keeps
us running hard
well, yes it’s a memory that keeps
hanging upon the apron strings of
souls who serve love upon a plate
of porcelain-hearts
Still, tears that shaped my heart
and somewhere broken dreams ;
willows weeping i catch their
tears in a cup of all my own heart
and i hear her voice in the night
and she hears my verse – i spend
eternally where we left off: i’m
tears she caught from me and what
she used to be and we’re forever
young: the kiss of a wish i wish
i could forget and the night has
it’s own voice /\/\/\
i wish i could never hear

:: 07-11-2015 ::


AT dusk just when
the light is full
i feel a game:
there is a man,
i worry: somehwere
out there and windmills
so silent my Clock
dimly cries when i’m
not ‘there’ and ever night
i stand fully stripped
of all my own mind — i’ll
never sleep and The Wind sings
go to sleep lovely and since
is never i should completely weep
but i know ‘out there’
there’s a flower (MY OWN
HEART) at midsummer’s keen
beyond and at dust just
when the light is full i
feel a game, there is a man
i worry ||

:: 07-11-2015 ::


SAW a W O R D wearing a suit      theyRE sO alive
(when we dream damn hard)       swore on a bible i’m through
then threw-up on a giraffe in the highest stiletto heels
gave a priest the keys to the kiddie center after i’d
rigged it with nitroglycerin so i thought so i want so i need
to say mona lisa is crying
tears of blood at Louvre
and tonight i’ll smother in
the flesh of strippers and
tip the bathroom attendant
with a PhD in Philosophy
he always says, “Man is born
free and is everywhere in chains”

:: 07-11-2015 ::


the skinny neck
eats my heart
a woman with crimson
shoes and stiletto
knifes stabs my heart!

having ceased like white-eyed
dead heads do : a dull quarter
dated oh’8 next to my blood
a Divine Average, for who
says because you’re paranoid!
who’s the waiter and what
is a customer when everyone
feeds upon one another?
and all the mouths of “o’s”
screaming “I’m crying and dying!”
we crawl out the cradle to soon
pressing lies and secrets into
busy life ~~ hey! WAIT! GO away!
last month’s rent crawling up the
stairs yesterday’s lover decaying
in the attic of your heart
so existence has a toll
and we ride upon the Leviathan!

:: 07-11-2015 ::


“i feel pretty good”
says the puppet
with your fingers
inside my guts
the finger prints
touching my vulva
and i hate
how your third
finger never reaches
my heart!

:: FUCK YOU ::


(baritone voice)
CRITICS and audiences agree: “the best horror story of a decade”
(girlie man voice)
iT’S MORE THAN a feeling
  when i kill you     more than embryo (Tate!) and Manson
dances \ Come load up on guns, bring your friends It’s (sO) fun
to lose and pretend  Who knows if ;the moon
is balloon, coming out of a puss=eye purple windows, flat rooftops!
Towers!  I say reason!  You say you’re stupid, and here we are now!
for without LOVE i do not play!
Awe so cute and dirty kitty so shy i kept her in my wet arms and say
“behind the bath house we went, so stupid, and now!  ROAR!”
i so love you girl and now turn to all my verses ~~ too dangerous
to be on the roads tonight!
:: 07-10-2015 ::


WET sheets (of sweat) ~ i’m feeling
generally believing my own mortality
i feel: primary flaccidity eyelids
closed ooh oh yeah
a loss of tension in muscles and WHEN
i felt so much hung upon the footsteps
of life and no more and don’t
you cry when i’m gone
with the skin i’ve shed
rigor mortis is a last feeling in fingers
and toes so you got time to find
it: to find it! AND where is tomorrow?
Did you run away with the feeling of love?
And whose mask do you wear? And i got
time for just tomorrow for you to find it
And when my muscles loosen –~ times gone
and i’ve gone upward toward beyond tomorrow
and i lov eyou and i had time for tomorrow
but life burns moments and there you are //

:: 07-10-2015 ::


THE thorn is beautiful
so today i touched my soul
so focused upon my pain
and my eyes are
looking to hurt myself
to see if i still
feel the tick-tock
of time: and EveryThing
is familiar ~
i tried to ease the beating
of my heart
oh, i remember everything
and if i said everyone
is a thrum -?beating joy
and all the pain i’ve
thrown your way makes
me hurt –~ and i say,
‘my sweetest memory
and i see how you
and me were/the never-
BE cause i let you down
and so i say the Thorn
is Beautiful.

:: 07-10-2015 ::


ANCHOR weight upon the
hull of my skin
and down below the waves
i met a friend or five
i was ship-wrecked
didn’t say life guard!
AND now down in the park
with hundreds of thousands
met the shadow who killed me
didn’t scream ‘help me’
i am the soul who bleeds
I magma like mother earth
it’s not quite the same
as flesh and bone but you
know ~~ souls are the same
WHATEVER you live
AND ‘WHO’ is a mind-blown
thought: ~~>i don’t think
just feel i heard your voice
and if i touch your heart
:someTHEN some like one you

:: 07-10-2015 ::

THERESE Malfatti

DID you perchance
upon the lance
of brilliant genius
touch the heart
of one keyboardist?
Für Elise~
(Herr Beethoven!)
That every student
across the world
who learns the keys
plays your heart
and He? Toward the
floorboards upon
his knees knowing
beauty and nature
are separated by
composure and ethics
one piece of
famous score!
Applause for
love and soul!

:: 07-10-2015 ::