Daily Archives: July 24, 2015


if i should ever use famous
words or expressions
i wish you to give me
LIPS of dying wishes
(i really unlike hating
would-be poets and politicians
and religious perverts —
give me a lemmon in my drink
of water: i soon forget them
all. But .please. tell me
something new in abstractly
spoken feeling || i wish to
believe you are alive.
everyONE i have known that
excited my mind is NOWdead
–>are<— you?

:: 07-24-2015 ::


WHEN and then
f e e l i n g
pulls meanings
i cannot remember
fallings-ME into
the life’s River
BUT then, always then!
i remember fearings
singing ‘love me,
love me for what
i am!’ and then-ingly
i weep knowingly
this is the dream
and maybe the One
i never awaken from!
nature comes:
saving me! From me
and unto all i
: my abstract mind
and flesh are at
greatest odds!

:: 07-24-2015 ::


AND if, by one step
who knows the sun’s
a kiss,golden(glimmering)
city touching skin
at day
(and why should you
or i try?
i was into “it”,if i
should say: love is full
of pretty people –a ballon,
if we’d tried! going upper
to meet sailing knees
which (i had hoped) no others
ever visited,where
Breathed)) and Souls
believe in living Spirits
even if not picked by thee!
nothing to express but

:: 07-24-2015 ::


if i taste crystal skies would i feel cold ice
and like your smile and cold blue eyes
or even brown or black — an even space so

everyone is lying in bed happily
i’m so alien — amazing that everyone is

acquiring joy and love and suddenly
i know i smell :: everyone lying in my head so

happily i say amazing just to taste
cross-species and intelligence
like the One every living thing knows –:– made

us this way. So suddenly, i remember i am
so sucked into a program of love and i am quietly

swollen-ly the chase of His program full
of aliens and it’s amazing how everyone is

requiring a taste of a thing called “amazing”
and everyone is tasting blood
–so amazing, and i love you my simple ALIEN.

:: 07-23-2015 ::


if an ant
i could crawl away
if the boss walks
he sees
and crushes me
under the heel
and i hate authority
–if we could get along
we push the walking boss
out the window
and i love you
and i get lost
in all corporate law
i say burn the paper
and rewrite it in love
and i lov eyou!
so get it on with
that smile 😉
no need for a walking
boss //insect swarm!
attacking smaller animals
and bosses are MICROPENIS’
PSEUDO males looking for
approval–saddest greek
tragedy AND FUCK YOU!
AND WOMEN in authority?
well, that’s another poem!

:: 07-23-2015 ::


i live inside a child’s heart
a broken toy like blue monday
manufactured reject and i
smile with chocolate all across
myFACE. i have no feelings
they left when the wages
became too low for me to live
and most feelings — it’s the
way strong souls live yeah
it’s something in the way
yeah, we survive.
i sprung a leak and Moses
says the ark left and i must
swim but i’m okay cause i have
no feelings left and the fish
swim the same way without feelings
oooh yeah, it’s something like me
yeah, me. it’s the way i see you
and the world: i love colors
but hate the flesh and the way
it needs my meat but not my heart
so i sprung a leak and Moses knows
FEMA comes with guns to make things
right and the fish look at me —
they have no feelings like me
so i’m a blue monday manufactured

:: 07-23-2015 ::


YOU wore rose and heels high
and so lovely i forgot all,
what pain… and so ,i love my girl
— she gets me

now that you’re gone and i feel
so alone all by myself i know
how love is and darling i don’t
know what i’ll do but when i think…

oh, you!
where can you be? oh my

i knew a girl who had eyes
that loved me and she kissed me
one last time — this surely,
dream perhaps this ghost

oh, you
where perhaps a thing
without name beyond because
things without names

cannot be blamed

glad things are free
so above blame
you wore rose and heels high
and so lovely i forgot all
and pain? And i loved you

–you get me
and i’ll never be the same
my girl: i greet the sun
and hug the moon — this fool
and man am i dear!

:: 07-23-2015 ::