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i twisted my soul inside
of your_NO and did not
weepingly cry it’s so
spreaded f e e l i n g s
ooVER tOWER ‘s MOon
the leSSly creature which_
broken snapped i did it’s
neck to breathe –>>me

whO perfectly sent
bits of brilliant pieces
toward someWhere i call
home: and my congregated
lit spot of sparkling
nonsense is shouting,
“i (just me) wish
a sliver of meaning
about this all!”

:: 07-30-2015 ::


Entwined by words
like birch
and love grew fast-
growingly with thin
life — and peeling
bearing catkin

The formal punishment
which my heart was
flogged with bundles
of your love twigs
and touching you
i say(i knew Spring,
and hot nights)”we
might have gone further
beyond the dead end road
where there was something
i held in my hand just
for you — my heart”

that bulgily world of
the round mind of
mistaken fantasy
laced __flatly
)<vastly and particularly>
alive undeluded
in my mind and heart:
still i love you dear
and forever still
beyond the last star
burning that fades

i am always there.

:: 07-30-2015 ::


IF i pretend i don’t care
if i pretend i’m dead
i don’t have to go out
on the town tonight
come on come on come on
i’m on my period and i’m
bleeding from my eyes
so leave me alone to die
if i pretend i don’t care
what’s going down
and the man who stalks me
i pretend i am dying
so dead i’m so white
you could dance with a
mannequin and you’ll
see i’m so dead
so i pretend i’m so cold
so dead so mannequin
maybe a freak could take me
but i’m so dead i don’t care
just let me bleed away
in all my pain

:: 07-30-2015 ::


IN the bright sun of a dark day
i sing and sign a work with
a triumphant flourish –killer
signature and in disarrayed eyes
an imprint of a botched incident

you’ll find it you’ll find it

i can hear the dogs of war
coming to get me i hear them

A position of my subject in
humiliation; exposure a bite
in a specific manner, i cover
the face and their hair;
tie ligatures with an unusual knot
— red flowers so crimson they
hide the hate of my heart

A portrait of eyes in a study room
shows a fixation on eyes, taxidermy
young blonde women disavowed;
disemboweled in public holidays,
“red spider” cryptic ink so red
you can find where the dogs begin
to smell them — a sick mind sings

AND I FEEL and i feel when the dogs
begin to smell her — oooh….
some craft a signature for effect
as well to set him apart as
the elite killer.

:: 07-30-2015 ::


i am the undead buried for centuries
last time was the 1990s i roamed the world
so the clock strikes three hundred years
and the undead in me returns to the world
from a crypt in New Orleans — i saved me;
crawled out and into a new world
where no human exists and even blood
is nonexistent. All shinny cyborgs
and non-emotional entities rule.
my eyes see the evil microscopic
living things born by hands long gone
: human no more and i find i am

:: 07-30-2015 ::

THE HUNTED (with some difficulty)

with some difficulty;
one father
and one mother —(.)
a soul and siblings
in whereAFTER (lost possibilities)
a lost brother by (a lot, life said)
DIED by thirty-three stab
WOULD-wounds kill the Master of
(take me) evil-life if i take me
away from you — it’s not my life
dancing mannequins inside a casket
of my personal memories: so broken,
so broken is he — || — broken.
OH! i live believing you’ll take
me away from you oh i see my life
still-born like lightning tearing
ozone and making rain from tears
mountains creeping up toward my
heart and angels look at me
with shame they did nothing.
I’m a child in a home with no
one to comfort and my Father
where were you? Don’t ever take
me home — away from you i go,
and your son too.

:: 07-30-2015 ::


UPON a full moon one more kiss
dear, one more sigh before
they come to take away
all this light that spreads
beneath eager feet in pleasure
that i treasure till i die

And they come with pitch forks
and shovels and hungry measure
that your heart glows so brightly
is like the moon at night
and they never had a chance to know

What you are
that you fell from the skies
for love and to arrest pain
the pleasure i’ll treasure
till i die

And your hair dear spreads across
this big oak we’re hiding behind
and even the moon reaches bobbing
feeling tumbling to the ground
near the hair of one as you
lie golden white
and still at your feet

and we’ll banish the pain and
sorrow with glittering silk threads
and your brightly lit heart
greater than a full moon at night
a woman from another world who came
to seek love from the sky
and we’ll banish all the pain and
all sorrow until they fish with
their lips and tongues

until we say goodbye

:: 07-30-2015 ::

:: 07-30-2015 ::