Daily Archives: July 5, 2015


nothing SCREAMED!
bursting brilliant incandescent
loving life ~~ upon waiting
expectation inside
and there! the producing
factory of all things
set shop and churned stars
and gaseous clouds
” ” knew it was good
the indescribable high-mind
hidden within our own mind
~~ reality wears high-fashion
and red ruby slippers!

:: 07-05-2015 ::


I’m so kicked and scarred
by this life gotta say mama
never told me how hard
living could be
and a bullet in my side
so dad called the police
and i said, ‘i’m all alone,
on a highway so dead
never alive.’
“are you the one
911 told us about?”
say the medics with their guns
the driver was a pig with
the hungry look needing
grits ooh! and a white tunnel
to the life of the never-after
someone said, “don’t bother
pressing his dying heart”
and the driver yelled,
“got a cramp in my foot
can only drive 55!”
found myself at the gates
one deep south another far
north and both spirits said
“your dead and alive,
got to say no admittance!”
and the DA said we got a jury
to give him life — i’m so
happy, finally life!

:: 07-05-2015 ::


MANY masks i have seen
and a few i have known
but the most diabolical
are not masks of evil
nor the grotesque
but the innocent faces
which hide behind
the truest of evil
: the sociopath



when i had a face
i’d hide it
sometimes in shoes
my feet told me where to go
sometimes in pockets, money says
buy this to make it feel good
there’s got to be a better way
to live life gotta be a painless
way to be in life
when i see modern culture
i see plastic minds
when i cry i see blood
upon the face of mankind
there’s gotta be a better way
hey! i’m pissing life
just because you’re weird
doesn’t make you special
just because you wear a
straight jacket doesn’t
make you insane in life
but a suit clearly does

:: 07-05-2015 ::


Being of unsound mind
and confound-heart
i knew these words
before they met:
between sunrise and sunset
a mind i once knew left
and then the heart
that, “why must love burn
when sorrow comes today?”
and now we are me and i
nothing but just the soft
fading ember of life!

:: 07-05-2015 ::


it is with deepest regretfully
broken wishes i say to you
the chambers of my heart are
unkempt and the parrot has left
her cage :
and these long sheets of
setting fires from a
light bulb sun seem to
burn the steeple at town’s
edge: her spine partially
collapsed against the dreams
of a praying humanity
and now the flat roof of
my parched palate leaks
mumbling someThing whatThing
i can only feel
the comfort of a manipulative
meow | and why do dogs whimper
instead of crying tears?

:: 07-05-2015 ::


JUST when my heart begins
to rest upon a thought
of you;
a rustling wind dances
with trees upon this night
with me;
and the clouds separate
with beams of moon rain
with us;
our hearts take flight
with the evening flock
of flying wishes
to soar across the
best of hills

:: 07-05-2015 ::