Daily Archives: July 28, 2015


i made you happy in a noose twice tied
say how you cut y o u r s e l f
it makes you happy red blood rivers
and little boy with a paper boat
watches how you feed the river
from your veins And if you cut
my throat i could have sang how you
make his boat float upon the river
happy and i am frozen
happy and i am frozen
in all my pain
And you really know
i’m a senseless apprentice
how to knock and roll
my feelings -oh! don’t go away!
a little boy with a boat watching blood
float his dreams and i’m pulling the
plug and if you say “i’m
so happy, “watch the rock’n’roll
a boat in a river full of blood and
your happiness is the hull of a ship
that drowns in all
you dreams of!” GO AWAY! GO AWAY!
So don’t you fool yourself
keep yourself in a trunk
of ship buried so deep
and you never knew —
the boy without love or humanity.

:: -8=27-2015 ::


i spoke love when she stirred
benign; honey bled through shades
at eleven o’clock so spake i gently
of her
And all of her breath i am painted in color
of pinks and death lily-like white,snow
defamed; disgraced her youth my mistaken
footfall in time
we are unraveling beauty like storm-
clouds bursting –feeding fields
instead of hearts and sympathetic
: the LORD is a stronghold for the
oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble
(Psalms 9:9)

:: 07-27-2015 ::


Oh Father give me patience
let me dream in love
and if someday clouds
part away let my heart
be near the sun
And Father i have pain
it gives me feet to move
across today
and whose castle walls
weep as doves fly above
let me move my eyes
there where i should
forgive the debt of life my Lord!
Smaller than the period
at the end of this

:: 07-27-2015 ::