Daily Archives: July 30, 2015


if i were to kiss a mozart
how would i know genuis
from such lips
if i were to hug a picasso
how would i feel art
from such an embrace
i should look into
such eyes and see a score
and a canvas of beautiful
color chasing daffodils
across the snowy inner land
of my own soul
and if i try to understand
what they wish to say
to me perhaps i should
never know how leaping notes
and flaming flowers of blazing
light met me on wet dewed
morning days when i was ragged
And maybe i understand since
i’m one too with reflecting eyes
weathered faces lined in pain
and so now i understand how
all of you gave the world
all your spirit to grow
so we all suffer for our own
insanity and who ever listens
— perhaps none ever will.
:: 07-30-2015 ::


IN a daze so confused i know
how the ones are so surprised.
So disposed by time and something
like life with little mouths.
i walk in a worn soul without shoes
upon the boulevard of boiling hate
and greet all the screaming faces
who hold sinking balloons and
giraffes with hunchback necks
and a little child with bruises
across his face –it’s disgrace
how he screams and no one hears
the belt across his deformed smile
and the alley way is a mine
of gold where the youth and old go
to seek shelter from a burning sun
and darkened souls who roam the night.
Oh Lord come today and wash away
the pain
Oh Lord come today and burn away
all the pain
oH! upon a wish a rapture should surprise
my soul upon this street the houses
immensely scream: ‘i wish to be in
the heavens waiting to be formed,
and love is more than knowing how
words are more than feelings
as a heart curved-shape slurping
the world.’

:: 07-30-2015 ::


UNDER a tree of life
reading a book about death
i took off my shoes
and drank in the light
oh how the skies are blue
so is my half-buried soul
i’m just a lost soul
and do the angels cry
as they surround me
as i wait for you death
like a stone thrown
into the river of life
i skip across the surface
onto another shore
where the poets and artists
perish i can see their bones
ribs like pencils
a half skull like a cymbal
oh just a lost soul
but everyday my soul says
‘hey, you’re ruled by ruse
so take a flower with you
to the other side;  they
need to see nature in all
it’s beauty where the sky
is all bruised
oh under this tree of life
i ache to be where i’m ruled
but love like this rock in my hand
is a heart turned to stone
so flat it skips across the water
onto another shore where poets
and artists perish so i’ll wait
for you here to turn this stone
into one of love again
:: 07-30-2015 ::


you’re just a thief
dressed in sexy skin
like when I find
miserable relief
you take it away
and replace it with
an eyeless doll heart!
so I write each word
like each character
stabbing you and i
can feel you hating me
and I feel just fine at
a Walmart line
with Advil in my
bruised hand after hitting
the walls

:: 07-25-2015 ::


OH mirror in my heart what is love
and if i should sail through life would
seasons of my life follow?
so i took a walk around up toward a mountain
where the clouds kiss the ground and oh mirror
in my heart what is love can i make it through
all the changes of life and the seasons — well,
hmm, i have been so afraid of love and loss that time
has made my soul so old until i saw the smile
of a child within my heart so i walk up toward the
mountain of life and ah, i can see how foolish
humans can be so afraid but love is time
and as we go through life love becomes the bolder
as a teacher wishing we’re getting older and more wise
so i’m now building life around change and i’m bolder
too — oh mirror in my heart
i know what is love now

:: 07-25-2015 ::


even WINGS
in sunlit burst-KISS
me as i purple-pink
you; love
we two know
as when i hug
the immense whole
of what i see in you
oh God! i should cry
if laughter did not
stumble God telling
me — YES! Two points
of a period within
a comma of life!

:: 07-25-2015 ::


if you love me

uoy evol i fi

i love you

em evol ouy fi dna

and i know dear…

i’m still a child
in my heart

tihs ym tae dna

LOL! I do love you!
forgive me. i do


:: 07-25-2015 ::


VIOLINE I: Oh lovely life oh my love Oh love i say i adore you

violin ii: tears weep my mouth in all i feel seeing you

Viola: if love is God then i have met Him in Glory

Violoncello und Kontraba:

my dear, i am honored to be here with you now

the seasons were long and suns came up and

then silently went beneath my wishes

oh, i saw you in the sparrow and the green
tallest grasses my sweetest love
and now together!

:: 07-25-2015 ::


If you go on your own way I give you a strength of cord
to make your way — for the King and Queen to use
if life says buttercups sing ‘captured and the Queen
weeps send it to me!’ With loving care. Cause it’s
for the King to use. I am common ti-di-diddit
diddit do remember the gold (it’s there) so don’t
surround yourself with yourself diddit diddit diddit
just come to me (yourself) and the fawn weeps
and the — did you see all the good people
who turn their faces and it’s a stronger course
that love and life moves me on to another square
and i sang a loving word to all life – captured!
and i sing cause it’s time and time is captured!
…………………………………….for the Queen
………..so i go now back to the corner of my life
// she hasn’t got time to make me a knight
But i’m captured surrounded by her loving care!
— for the Queen to use//my sister call upon me!
anytime anywhere for the Queen to use!

:: 07-29-2015 ::


BY caster lit moonlight
I ate ambivalence;
where Sun spread her
sheets upon the Earth’s
green bedding
and the fairies muddle
flittering in red roses
and river oh river
hushed it’s running
heart for this moment!
as green and gold spoke
between night’s gasping
inviting new promise
this new day!

:: 07-29-2015 ::