Daily Archives: July 20, 2015


AND summer feels folded
inside dreams of seasons
which clearly are you
the always ‘reason’ i
may-might express in all
drunkenness of this love
i have:  AND if one
such is a fluttering
wing of precious white
dove feather as you,
i dream i express my
lips upon the paradise
of your virgin heart!
‘i’ is so small and yet
i is so large and what
of it?  if love is me
then love clearly is
like-when i say hello
to you and you smile
and bite your lip
and i love you the more
most biggest ever of
my feeling!

:: 07-19-2015 ::


The waves are misty clapping
seas, lovvv–i—,ng some——
thing inside a roar |beating heart/
| Gogh once painted it
but decided on fields with
flowers and twirl-swirling
enough to make me cry

:: 07-19-2015 ::


the conception of my
poetry is less a spark
than feeling
the feeling that i know
my emotions are true:
the truest thing in all
the universe i have friended
:something to never betray
but hold dearly and especially
while i write!
sometimes i scream
other times cry
and a few in anger
but when i write
i seem more than ‘me’
it’s the voice of

:: 07-19-2015 ::