Daily Archives: July 9, 2015

Esther אֶסְתֵּר

the gentle gesture    of thanks
wishing all best —
loving all you read
i thank you so very kindly
for how you showed interest
in my own silly words!

again, thank you!

:: 07-08-2015 ::


if a poetry is ANYBODY  (ydobyna) INSIDE-OUT
turned sideways and outside IN

is anyone      curious to know what
poets feel? AND if        money or fame is purposed
by focused glasses of magnified lens of fame
then let the word-smith burn ants upon hills
But if somewhere with (it does seem within
the cavity of our chests) prose speaks to us then
let him or her write it down for humanity! i think there
is something to passion when a heart is mixed
with words and no desire for financial advancement
to let no no say:
‘your words are worthless’

:: 07-08-2015 ::


take away my love and brain
since you’re leaving
Instagram is relaxing since
it has no need for poetry
— sin! I saw you with a
heart in your hand
said, “you suck since you
can’t fit your words
inside such a small space
SPACE i am insane
i was so comforted by
words until the programmers
said — this is your dick
(words) and us(vagina)
depressed patients so come
back as fire and i burned
all liars — and you were
drinking your beers
and you are all queers
never knowing how you
cut the hearts of poets
both men and women –)
we hate you INSTAGRAM!
:: 07-08-2015 ::


somebody else roars her royal borealis
purple heart and i road across golden gate
bridge and even in hell
i felt her toenails cutting me – ha, she
laughed while i screamed
could have been her nails
like a road-map — my back
when she screams digging
love into my skin: i’m too
long and she hates uterus
bump — geeks, yeah. terrible
come on baby, think of one
i hurt when you press my heart
with serious words of this
could’a-should’b-been world
my shyness-gy-ness is aborted
too early in life: she kissed
me knowing how fucked i am
and i love her/you/seriously
you wore no panties when we
went to church — NEVER!
holy water evaporates!

:: 07-08-2015 ::


mother flew in from happiness
instruments of sin sang
‘i’m so happy’
if you sav eyourself
i adore changes to life’s
[plans] heart-and i really love
how you rock this world
i saw you smile just once
and kept your smile
within a crystal jar
and how instruments sing
and sin drowns
so i rest upon the precipice
of a resting breast moving
when she dream-breathes
all of me — and i really
love how you rock-n’roll
AND if you say you are dead
then i say i am a corpse
to make you happy and
we’ll show how living
does not require blood
or flesh — and you
really knock me down
really rock my world
the beak-broken bird
lip sings love

:: 07-08-2015 ::


WHEN with wide-opened eyes,
just two this morning
a single finger sputtering
witin the fruit bowl of
table cornered smiles
you came through the hall-
way into the warm tight
kitchen corners weeping,
“Is this the grand goodbye?”
you devised by wishing
history — the misty
frothing sea of green
and mystery: the regular
rise of heart’s ocean
waters are know as tides
that bid farewell
and waters like love
fall back again and lust
rising to highest levels
that covers much of shore!
And when time and thoughts
are at lowest tide: falls
to its lowest level –\
it is the lowest tide for
love!wish i wish rising!

:: 07-08-2015 ::


DREAMING sweet dreams of you
where every night
i see you then thoughts
(of my own heart) asks: why can’t
i have you?
WHEN I ache deeply and you smile
when we met again it seems i’m not
the one for you and i could never hate
you : it’s just dreaming sweet
dreams of you
Oh heart! why do you say things
i know are not true?
i should look forward and not into the past
so my heart says hello to you
When I dream tonight i should dream alone
and know i should never wear the ring of love
i’ve been dreaming of//

:: 07-08-2015 ::


TOO quaint
being the great
wishing well!
lust is a drink
which who’ve stumbled
crazy steeper steps
of love and life

hearts are supernovae
bursting light ! when
thenSOME s8uls who lit
lovers who are these lips

until and who came?
across the filiament
kicked and spurred
“it feels i’ve just heard you

love, the screech
my sweet Jennifer: and whom
i too have never met or
anyone like this soul

it is spirits and with
illimitable days;
forever fruit

:: 07-08-2015 ::


YOU, SUNFLOWER my personal Nation
the native of beauty as well — harvested

i am slightly bent as a stem against
changing winds

tall of course, my face of bright yellow then
again brown center – sometimes red!

my heavy head-filled with tears(sometimes)
a remarkable flower am i,
tough, easy to grow– as long as the soil
is not waterlogged

and heat! drought-tolerant!
attractive to BEES and BIRDS
like my heart and soul bee!


:: 07-08-2015 ::