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IN ALL my likeness i let her in as a sun
in my dream and in my heart
i took the reins of reality in all our
hope; it came as an open space and the
elders of twelve said, “all is real
and all revealed” i read the book
of the One in the universal library
and tinker bell laughed — she
said, oh, “oh! what you see will
not be revealed, it’s all just for
you to see!” So i refused and awoke
and grabbed a pen and began to
write: but saw only blank pages
of the book of all of life and the
answers of all questions — revealed.
In all my dreams and all my hopes
i sleep to remember but like lit bulbs
of sun sinking it’s quite clear, oh, we’re not
to reveal what it all means while
in flesh ||

:: 07252015 ::


i kissed the life of my heart
knowing someday i’ll walk up
toward the stairs to a place
where i can see everything
and i have no regrets
i walked across a path of fire
laughing but my tears put them out
and i was no one to be sure and
even not what you knew.
In a tree by a river where we
kissed there is a nightingale
that sings “do we really know,
do we really wonder” i am one
of those voices who stand lonely
and do you really know // i wonder
oh, do you really know — i wonder
And i gave all of my soul to the
Queen but the Knight and Brook
took away the board of my life
and the council of 12 laughed
so i really wonder

:: 07-25-2015 ::


Remove yourself live your life
thinking you could be the
one who means life
prove yourself to be the one
who owns your heart
say you are afraid
but you watch it now
So you lose yourself
and there’s no reason
but to be who you are
we have no option
but to accept free will
so be yourself
You own your heart
so you have to die
when it’s time
so let me live my life
the way i want to
As they say, owner
of a lonely heart
and the story of life
is quicker than the
blink of an eye
like hello and goodbye

:: 07-25-2015 ::


Helena has a name like the sun
that never goes dark
it rings like a bell through
the night and like her love
it takes flight and if you’ve
never loved like Romeo or Juliet
you could never know how a promise
is a kiss-brush of heaven
like Helena who has a name
like the sun ~ it hurts my
self ; so rain, dawn,
aurora i could die so cut
my rope and let me drop
a black sheep child opposite
of life; pupils dilating
like columbine killer
with slow watches
rubbing salt into bullet wounds
what should i do? i’m
high/hi and i’m bi/bye
like a silver fork in the road
playing keno took the psycho
path where they rob memory
bank –i’m all in a brain cell
and what the hell am i trying
to say ~ i love myself and
so much better than you
i’m all love and life and sun
so go home and let me paint
and write poetry like i’m insane
i’m insane and can’t complain

:: 07-25-2015 ::


JUST as he is to rise
life erupts!
all reflection of
no connection to
his self and it’s
a face of drowning
–say a prayer for
all the people
who care about life.
And the firm touch
of a bang-device that
says, “let’s take a ride”
and God knows the devil smiles
obfuscated sadness
and politics wet
for the prick of mass media
and all men and women scream,
“i skinned the eel
by it’s noctural
smile and something
is fishy!” What of this little boy?
who has lost his voice;
the world is a killer
and our children follow
it’s ways! So burn.

:: 07-25-2015 ::


my heart is a monster
born to destroy those who come
too close to my flame
–i trade desire
for a piece of your soul
(even though i
know i am human, oh!)
Even though i held
the cup Jesus bleed within
i am a monster
and someone said
“love isn’t something you
find — love is something
that finds you”
and what do i get for my
pain? another monster
who loves love as a game
and i know i suppose
all of my life i’m afraid;
to accept a child who’s
afraid of the dark
but not when men are
afraid of the light
so i cut my wrists!
and what do you want?
it’s 4:20 and i’m gone!

:: 07-25-2015 ::


FEAR becomes my river
it flows into me
as the tides pull
my spirit away;
it is mine forevermore,
and i’ll never let it go

i kissed the mask
of a familiar thought
that worships hearts
all the hope so heaven-high,
like me, so unfulfilled in you.

and i say, “i am the river
of gold where hopes and fear die–
and you reach out your slender hand
but i cannot slay your demons
so they remain just for you to kill

and what i am is not what you wish
and what you need is a sweet friend
who can never go away in the end
i am the white knuckled one
who has lost everything — there’s
no more for me to give

a voice by bamboo stilts, and stains
by time, as small people, without
dislike or suspicion

and everyone i know is a ghost
i gave my heart to the dead
her name, Emily E. Dickinson
how can i ever let her down
since she knows more
across the other-side

:: 07-25-2015 ::


there comes a moment when i die every day, and sometimes the
taste of lemon in my mouth and sometimes a fragrance of
regretful roses which stuns me since i forgot what love
smells like, mostly. i remember my childhood on sidewalks
on a tricycle and how i counted creases between slabs
of concrete never knowing i measured moments of
how my life would unfold — i think life is small feet
upon pedals where we sometimes slip and scrap our ankles.
When we are young and small the world is a very tall and
scary place; when we’re grown it’s even more so.
i remember ice cream and a bright moon at night too.
Mostly i remember freedom from all ideology and prejudice
which i have fiercely tried to keep within my heart.

:: 07-25-2015 ::


don’t cry
my baby don’t cry
when, like the stars
shine i want to see
your eyes bright

so, like i never meant
to be so mean my baby
so don’t you cry
the evening’s too young

and when you dry your eyes
we can be sweet like you
know –know i gave you me
once again i’ll stop the stars

just to have your heart again

so so so don’t cry
my baby don’t you cry
just take me, i felt you \\
like steps trailing down
onto the shores of romance
into a rock garden of
heart-shaped rocks
whose stones are figural
and knows me
so come on my sweet woman
let’s be as one again

:: 07-25-2015 ::


Saw the doctor and told him of
all my ails — took off my shirt
and he checked the ticker inside
my skin
after an hour of listing to all the
trouble i’ve seen so far in life
he gave me a slip of paper
and said, “son, run through
that door and down the street
and see the pharmacist”
i shook my head and grabbed
my shirt, didn’t even put it back on
and made a beeline to the CVS
the clerk at the counter took the
slip and shook his head and walked
into the back of his pills and liquids
i didn’t know what else to do so
i followed my doc’s instructions and
glad i did — the pharmacist returned
and placed a 5th of Johnny Walker
on the counter and said, “take 5 shots
a night to cure all your troubles away”
Ha ha, i said a prayer leaving the store
and figured i’ll keep my doctor by
my side.
:: 07-25-2015 ::