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A Heavy molar likes to
hurt me so painful
sweet tooth in my
heart aches like
the tooth ache
and did you say
you are ashamed
don’t make me pull you
mister dentist says
you are so like me
loves sugar and coffee
:is it the trend of
living in shame
aaah! i really hate
to love you and we’re
really weak and smell
like lovers rubbing
on the mask of the
dentist pulling the
molar of our soul

:: 07-19-2015 ::


MY calm heart weeps
in all (did i say
express life?)
of this magnificent
day __ it is the fruit
of breakfast mornings
any m,erry berry pretty
(i shall awaken soon)
to this-day! \you and this
grand thought who-singsong
says –does do re mi
with her white three
stimpstamps) chokechump
singSpeckled brightendSKIN
moi bay be daz lovely
YOUR EYES are the world’s
oceans and that heart!

and i have forgotten the
five simple facts
— and simply: when we are
forever and not this ‘now’
i say we shall never be
the dead children of adults
so gently lay down your head
to dream(nothings) of || i
can begin to imagine
through mysterious mankind
locked in foreverish time!

::; ;07-192-15 ::


Frère Jacques, frère Jacques,
Dormez-vous ? Dormez-vous ?

In the morning sleeping dreams
wake me with pregnant ringing bells
Ding, ding, dong. Ding, ding, dong.

I’m so tired so tired my little friend
“Where did my life go?”

And the little girl in pink on a
bicycle says, “First tell me;
what is your monster?”

the cat has a voice eating me
and i’m so exhausted in this world
and cicada likes it’s voice
droning ding, dong, ding!

Found myself in a cemetery
“don’t be shy so come closer.”

And blue skies sins a tune
so familiar I should have known.

the lining of a coffin lost it’s
glue and smothers the breathing
death of a half-life corpse

I am on a date and everyone
collapses in applause realizing
that i know i am one of them

:the dead disbelieving life
and well does it matter if
9 month old babies laugh
at me?

:: 07-1/8/9-2015 :::


AND if tears (they are from me)
drop in descending
decay as time tick-tocking wishes –a

burning life cheated by fire called,

“I wish to be more this time”

what of “me?”           and
my role models are

Mountains and vast Seas! and nothing by


the dirt smells like the mother who

born me:  all her musty loving scent
especially when after rains so wet and

borning other “others”

the fields are green

Today i am the ‘no one’ and yester-
day more and tomorrow?

:: 07-18-2015 ::


THERE, the hunger! When (sometimes i
never wish them) TH0UGHTS are born
i open my mouth to DEVOUR THE WORLD
in all it’s strange tastes || the how
is less strange as why –> ghosts like
me!  I am the rare paranormal flesh
that sees and feels since I once read
the Book of Knowledge (elseWhere) and it
burned my brain and soul in the Akashic
Library — the garden is beautiful and the air
has music within it’s space and light is living
and souls sprout up from the ground like children
grinning for a kiss!

:: 07-18-2015 ::


DID anyEVER hear patter-
pitter dripping tears
upon the vast roads
of New York City?
And roofs have steeples
as flowers petals
and beggars dreams
as pennies pockets
to sleep within

to taste a Dream
sometimes bitter
to eat a wish
so much sweeter!

And when those dripping
tears splat upon the
path of many-go-doers
it makes me the happy

didWHO someEVER seeBE
the heart who stops
to love it all?

:: 07-18-2015 ::


IS then, that love
by gorgeous heart
begin when furnace
burns as stars
if then, that smile
by largest mouth
turns the tide of
all seaside towns
(their homes lit
to reflect light
upon the undulating
wishes of some Soul)
waves!  Sound is salty
within my mouth dear;
but a tongue speaks
fresh-watered kisses
and jelly-fish are
hard upon the shores
speaking of how they
once danced in liquid
–love?  Yes my dear
yours are soft and
still swimming upon
this embrace between
beating hearts! The
ocean sings tonight!

:: 07-18-2015 ::


i removed myself today from focused pain
(a thing that’s so real) and heavy days
are over so i believe(d) with pale tender
white feet walking over a road
strewed with shards of reflecting memories
like my empire of thoughts
:all dirt leaving me alone
in a soul of colored pride
beneath the stains of time
and eating — like someone
who goes all like everyone
i’ve ever known, goes away –>
beating sound within my
chambered chest full of
earth’s old timid grace!
you wished to make me whole
And your tears past before
a splashy muddy mouth in
the river of my own life
:whatever i’ve become is
exulting,gentle love
in the end…

:: 07-18-2015 ::


i cut myself today

upon the thought of
when it is darkest(and
i look up in fear

who sees the reaper,
in drag: it comes to
all of us disguised)

like old familiar ways
so thin like the moon
on waxing days

and the world beats
some say in your head
of course we’ve lived

with how we cling to
our minds  always
sharpest when comes fear

until i feel the familiar
sting that remembers everything
the purple flower’s largest

final air
is what we become my dearest
friend     internal eternal
plunging everywhere untold
of enormous lost dreams

:: 07-18-2015 ::