Daily Archives: July 2, 2015


She’s my barracuda tooth
when I swim –drowning; locked
inside the ocean of my heart
And I am weak tired flipper-mouth
wishing to just taste the pearl
deep inside her clam shell soul
I asphyxiate, overwhelmed
by the prostate state of my engulfed life
I am love-plunged
obliterated heart
A blue-lipped kiss
liberates my soul
emancipated angel fish
stung my skin
to redeem
my drowning

:: 07-02-2015 ::


COME with me       let us dream
together forgetting       whatever! What never
transposed fear upon   the thick ledger of life!
COME with me
let us scream
forever vetting    clever lies
a pine nut cut   — that never grew
that I believe in dreams::mostly with you!

:: 07-02-2015 ::


GOD dead
and devil sent
to bed
If your heart’s true
then shall you come
to me within
this heart of mine?
A house built by
my hand-Soul
with the many spacious
rooms of my Spirit:
moves me twirling like
the cyclone in my mind
Sweet lover of my life-
time: come unto my
wonder(all of you)
this be the magic
at last || loving peace/./

:: 07-02-2015 ::


YOU bury me
a love so deep
no imagining
life without you
A heart so like
songbird song
not me and no,
not a feeling of
first falling
in love with you
So gretchenfrage!
I’m true and faithful
true to you —
and not cavoli
:: 07-02-2015 ::


A butterfly sang
wingingly above
the lake of tonight
singing “so love the
firefly” and dipped
a tip of wing into
the heart of you
And the stadium of
ripples applause
all love and life
— too /the dark
stormy clouds of
all your thoughts\
You don’t love me
:plainly seen within
the space of your
eyes; unlike these
stars tonight
And if I can I should
forget you and still
love how the butterfly
sang: “You love me
my dear, so plain
and I keep a taste
of nectar just for
your heart my love”

:: 07-02-2015 ::


SO i wish I smelled
like you instead of
the nasty salts of
a working man
Amazing Grace
by Philosophy
All you write;
“I have no right
fresh sun and love”
leaving me the
citrus note:
‘wish I was like you’
So white musk and
so regretful apologies
soft floral blossom
of ofactory you!

I’m scared cause I
want you — tic-toc
addiction of
whore clock

:: 07-01-2015 ::


BUGS yuck!         To wear a sweater
in summer some say
means rape!       Water fountain
germs upon my lips
when i was a boy    invited my friend
to the theater!     He took the door
labeled: colors and he had the best seat
up above in stadium air and I hate humans
wish their eyes were all inside their ass
and their nose inside   my heart: to smell
revenge! Rosa Parks!
And Blake is segregated    in the hereafter life
of post-regretful life
Private citizen against
false witness life says,
“tired of giving in!”
She comes back as fire and makes false sincerity
all liars: witness  ~~ the brave
puke fear in the face of weak life!

:: 07-01-2015 ::


ETERNITY shall not escape
regal time: one resides
within a stream ~~~~~
the other outside of
all rivers of life!
A boisterous thought that
many hold!

Eternally yours,


:: 07-01-2015 ::


So love! Sow love!
All the greatness
we see in expansive
hearts and blue skies
my sweet love!
That short potential
stir in eyes;
that storm of heart
is the eclat of hungry
souls ~~ when thinking
a right to be whole
may only smell roses
and all seasons of spirit
chashed by imperial officers
of a hidden universe:
so love! sow love!
That your hands are within
mine makes me whole!

:: 07-01-2015 ::


COCOON ~my laughter beats
tightness hidden within my
breeze-way heart!
Grandly by marble halls
and singing THOSE HEAVENLY birds
with each light: MOON & SUN
am I always loved:
the unfathomable L O V E

:: 07-01-2015 ::