bring me smiles bring your friends
bring me flowers to bury your fields
my dreams of what i pretended
i knew in childhood
i knew hell
i knew hello
i knew ooh
i wished i was
little heart and so i am until the end
hello i knew i knew i walked with lights
out and saw and felt terrible feelings
a contagious here i am now: i knew hello
i knew hell i was embryo
so stupid i ate placenta of my birth
and felt so small i asked for love
i asked for love ooh i am the shadow
of what could have been it brings me smiles
dreaming you bring friends to laugh and smile
with me
oh smile hello oh smile
hello smile hell no i am embryo of political law
and i eat my heart so raw and oh congress gave me
a vote they say no oh no hell no i am arms and
hearts and skin and i so stupid i’m a vote
of unconscious regretful votes by living souls
i wish i was you ==just unborn just unborn
soul: where is light when we’re so stupid
temptation to be so ignorant we’re so low
so low slow…i know hello i know hello
we kill life SO WITH LIGHTS OUT we are so
STRONG temptation says we’re ignorant.
we’re so below sewer we’re so zero. UNDENIABLE.
:: 08-03-2015 ::

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