Monthly Archives: March 2020


ALICE all your friends are slow
if you follow then you shall know
but if you choose the rabbit hole:

All our friends are there
— they all ask of you; even
The One you know
he has Sudden Moves

IF you wait for reality to ask
then the universe will feel abused
but if you choose your hand
o v e r a g r e n a d e
the blood of the psychopath next
to you will release all pretension —
ask him; look at the eyes
oh daddy i love you
but outside is the boss
i think he is one of us

:: 03.30.2020 ::


two sticks and a heart
upon a flat line life
|\_____minding OUR own
business then KarMA
–no apologies HITs
our sense of RIGHTs
:we all just wish
to be what we feel
with One; Mary! Mary!
I kicked off my shoe
you so easily amused
I gave God all my Sin
but He never asked for
all the Blame — I’m
in the Sun so I feel
so easily the fool
crying Take Me/too

:: 03.30.2020 ::


Ok, I know so promise me
you’ll mind the facts:

– it wasn’t alive
– it was promised to the night
– it’s head has no heart

Like your MouthIS everywhere
no innocence; just Weird &
so White::she spats in little
bits, “I’m rich I’m fancy”
(man on horn: blue mercury
llup revo — pull over (YOUR
mouthIS everywhere) and her
head is full of EVERMore |
ok, i know so promise me…

:: 03.30.2020 ::


i saw a man lie down as a dead leaf
(her posture was fragile and elegant)
his – a burden of human grief
And within the gates where the famous lay
are poets, bankers and laymen too
And maybe one day even you
i saw a leaf lie down as a dead man
(his posture was thin, limp and weak)
her posture was green, strong and true
And beyond the gates of Ever-After
is all of me all of you and all of All!
:: 03.30.2020 ::


It’s a complicated world
ruled by pain and fear
Everything’s ‘will you swim
or will you fade’
the smallest things
hold us back
the madness outside
these walls
are nothing compared
to what’s within my halls

Brain traffic: s/o confused
grid-locked & neurotically fused
Drain my Soul
Brain traffic: over/used
fear-porn-fed till your dead
then Life’s on hold
it’s all Inside your head

:: 03.27.2020 ::


the mouthOFnoise eats the silence;
everywhere NOise!)turns my insides(
out/-of Tears i said to the mother
holding empty children’s shoes

EyesofSorrow drowns her sight:
only to eternally see all horror
with sightless eyes that diligently
cry-/i once had a great Love that died

                      the Ghosts of
Antikythera’s Cell Machines burn
the sharp edge of decaying reality;laboriously
the longest Legs of Time march forth as it
steps over my shortest Thoughts within the

:: 03.26.2020 ::


i complied with Life
but i did not receive
loquacity — not of me
go ask the baker if his
dough is dry he will kindly
say, “Ask any Poet, to perish
is sans verbosity!

:: 03.25.2020 ::


a creeping chill throws me cold: t he
skies have t urn SEPIA AND i completely

utterly melt into each word

birth’d — this elegie betrays the poet;

a confession unburdens the Spirit — you

are reading about the me of ‘i’ have always

loved you |mia /i shall meet you again to-now
within the theater of my Soul sure, sometimes
i have concern for the world as it continues
to devour my Feelings and sensibilities.

when can i love you again?

:: 03.24.2020 ::


i can take Life upon my chin
i can take it upon my head
although it makes me sad
when i have to see it all
within my eyes i don’t see
a polite way to make this call
/oh wishing i first had
a vision\for a poor humble
wide-opened poet/ of no age or
time and then of no-more
\life is living while you’re bleeding
each day of Life is closer to Death
oh boy.

:: 03.23.2020 ::


“I’ve always had an eating disordered. I use to blame it on stress…” A heavy pregnant pause hung above the room.

“But now I realize it was not who I am but what I am. I even use to blame my binges on how poorly I spin my web — but it is an automatic instinctual reaction.”

Taking off a pair of horn-rimmed glasses the fly, who never lost a patient, looked directly into the eyes of his patient the spider and gently spoke.

“Be who you are.”


:: 03.23.2020 ::