Tease & Sting

Oh scarlet blooms, oh fires of hell,
What wickedness do you bring?

You flicker out of reach, beyond my grasp,
Teasing me with your dangerous sting.

I long to feel your heat, to hold your flame,
And see if I can withstand.

But you remain elusive, flickering bright,
Leaving me to only yearn and demand.

Your wrinkled petals, clear and red,
Resemble a mouth stained with blood.

Oh little crimson skirts, how you taunt me so,
With your toxic and alluring flood.

I crave your potent fumes, your sickly sweet,
To dull this exhausted mind.

If only I could bleed or rest in sleep,
And leave this pain behind.

Or if your liquors could seep into my soul,
And calm this relentless heart.

But you remain colorless, devoid of life,
A mere shadow of your fiery start.

:: 03.06.2023 ::

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