A Light Upon The Dark Side of Me

Oh restless soul, adrift in the night,
With heavy heart and burdened sight,
Longing for truth in the depths of dark,
Answers to questions that leave a mark.

Oh tireless mind, eager to know,
In search of wisdom that ever flows,
A fire that burns, steadfast and bright,
Leading you through life’s endless fight.

Oh wanderer, on a path unknown,
With weary steps, but a heart that’s shown,
The journey ahead, winding and long,
But you move ahead with courage strong.

Oh seeker of truth, with eyes that see,
Beyond the veil of uncertainty,
Your spirit soars, unchained and free,
A treasure more precious than any fee.

Oh curious one, with open heart,
You’ll find the answers that set you apart,
From the crowd that’s lost in the fray,
For you have found the truth’s rightful way.

So take heart, dear friend, and never fear,
For the answers you seek are always near,
Just listen closely, with an open soul,
And the answers you seek will make you whole.

:: 03.15.2023 ::

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