Part 02

The ether shimmers with an air of unease,
As fragmented thoughts drift with the breeze,
A wandering soul, adrift in a world of strife,
Lost in the endless labyrinth of life.

The streets hum with a cacophony of sound,
As the city’s pulse beats to a frenzied round,
And amidst the crowd, a solitary figure stands,
A ghostly presence in a sea of hands.

The world spins with a dizzying pace,
As the mind’s eye seeks a familiar face,
But the depths of the heart remain shrouded in mystery,
A landscape of shadows, veiled in history.

The moon’s pale glow casts a spectral light,
As the night’s dark embrace beckons with all its might,
And in the stillness, a whisper lingers on the air,
A love song, echoing with a sense of despair.

The heart aches with a longing so deep,
As the soul yearns for a love it cannot keep,
And in the silence of the night,
The echoes of a love song take flight.

The world fades with a muted hue,
As the heart seeks a love that’s pure and true,
And in the end, all that remains,
Are the echoes of a love song, haunting in refrain.

:: 03.24.2023 ::

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