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Oh Mary is a little lamb
she bled where she lay
and the dead cried “me!”
On a wondrous sea,
saline sailing,
silently Ho! Pilot,ho!
I never knew plastic
chocolate clouds
could ever taste
this — so good
riddance my lamb
She bleats me badly
a blue-yellow bruise
crushed my heart
and we sang,
“Oh, Mary is a little
bitch and bled where
she lay — they shout,
And the silent Southern
moss-grown streets
like a New Orleans
sweet drinking all of me

:: 11-30-2014 ::

The Dinner Plate

the dinner plate
is quite empty
i sit here
quietly awaiting
a meal for my soul
and thoughts
as clean as porcelain
invade me
the clarity of my mind
fed me!

::  03-10-2015 ::


and dark love’s two lips
kissed me, the first
kiss, a make-believe
between two hearts;
she-do she-do
i was so sure!
until i cut my soul
upon her thorn-heart
a wasp-body at noon
stung a shattered cup!
the bud hung upon
a dried crying hand
and two eyes drowned
the shattered cup
spelling pain!

:: 02-15-2015 ::