Daily Archives: January 7, 2014


WHERE is courage
that I see within life…
the first breath
of a newborn
the first step of a child
and even dare I say…

the first kiss of passion

With existence
such trails
shall all walk in life
aimed towards a final event…
requiring the greatest courage
— the last breath of life



THIS my mind said to me:
like a babbling brook I dream
so clearly in my crystal waters
I smooth the surface of your soul
and beneath I tumble spirit-so…

As my thoughts rumble-flow
against the tide — your shoreless life
my banks constrict but do direct
across the eddies and whirlpools
toward the eventual waterfall
In the end you spill and splash



IT was with a bang
that first I heard
I thought a sparrow
— had hit the house
My sorrow for the sparrow
— so immense
The second bang shook my soul
surely a quake that rocked my world
My fears for the township
— so profound
The third and last
tore through my heart
and brought me back
— to my senses
as the firing squad
— completed their task