Daily Archives: January 12, 2014


VOICE within the gale
speak to me – shudder
soil drench soul – sell
I bind my tongue no-utter
secrets of my shadow-tell

My storm has entered
across a parched land
dust assailed by tear drops
footprints across soul-sand

Let fires burn from my skies
ripping oak and ancient lands
the treasure shall you find
winds, rain, lightning discover…

a heart that’s lost
in space and time…



TIME kissed me today
A forked tongue
she bit my soul
into a purple rose

My bee-buzzed
her clover-lip
blood of honey
spice of life…

My skin burned
— love-fire consumes
devouring pleasure
in a snap-tongue

Digging deep
into such pleasure
my life licks
plump lips
between thigh-hips