Daily Archives: January 3, 2014


I gave away
a smile today
in a most
unusual way
It was not
with a thank-you
even though
a polite-depart
but cast I did
like a fisherman —
I placed it upon
a silver hook
in hopes of catching
a hungry heart



NOT only is love tragic

it is surely cannibalistic

as it eats the very ones

that it loves…


AND when I walked
the path toward the light
and you said that I could not see
what you meant was nothing darkness
and in the light I knew your heart
it was made of clay and dirt
and in this dirt you woke me up
and I saw the light within you
and we made the world into this rock
and so we reap now what we sow

Who will see the light within this darkness
who will make some sense of this?
I can only hope for light and love
and love is what we need this day

You will see light in the darkness
you will make some sense of this
and in the morning when you awaken
there will be a butterfly for you

Who will see the light within the dark
can you take this staff of light
and make it yours to remake this world?
I give you the dream of living life

::01-02/2014 ::


TONIGHT I’m so dry
but so heart-sweaty
And I can feel you
prancing all around me
So I saved my life today
when – of you I stopped
thinking yea, almost drowned
within my lust all for you

But I’m still hungry for you
no matter what I do
I still hunger for you

For months I drank your blood
we can’t always do that we want
at least that’s what everyone says
but I won you in a game of chance
and your braid rests upon my heart

And I’m still hungry for you
no matter what I do
I still hunger for you

So soliloquy speaks for me
upon my stage I break the rule
no matter what they think
and they think what they want!
I’m still hungry for you
Yea, no matter what I do
I’m still hungry for you



WITH the cold greet of a night moon
something stirred within my soul
nothing human or even creature
a nameless feeling – I fell awake
And I walk amongst the few
who know the feeling of walking too
like a stroll within a river
each footstep thick and clever

I greet the moon and her cloak
a silver shower of comfort too
and my friends — the nocturnal
are ones who know my nameless face
we live the night and sometimes even
mostly a kill I’d share with them
but these nights even so much more
an ancient lullaby of tragic lore

Tonight I taste the silver light
dripping across the twilight land
and though I cannot your name remember
the lust and hunger for you is alive
I’m hungry for you…still hungry for you
very hungry for you…