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(c) E.P. Robles 2013

Girlfriend blues
I trust in you
Such deep blue eyes
you lose me in you
I don’t listen to what they say
what muse cannot save the day
girlfriend blues…
I trust in you

Crying but mother doesn’t hear
a sure sign I’m no longer a boy
What stranger seeks the sun
only to find a burning moon
I’m so lost…
in your blues

My girlfriend blues
so much trust in you
your woman charms
my primal root
I trust in you

:: 01-31-2014 ::


Sad Cafe - Large
(c) E.P. Robles 2013

MA BELLE they say
in France this day
I fear such fools
who speak in vain
such words today

Don’t try to explain
your life mon cher
I’m just a romantic fool
that allows your heels
to dance upon my heart

You speak, I cry
I laugh, you scream
What bad seeds thrown
wild weeds do grow
You think, I know

My love no regret
You speak, I listen
such is ma bichette
My tears are absent
such rivers ran dry

My love no regret
such days as this
love lives on
regardless of what’s spent

:: 01-31-2014 ::


(c) E.P. Robles 2012

IN the washed moonlit night
beneath an ancient oak
there I lay my head
upon your soft shoulder
and I praise the moment
and the angels sing for us

Yes I yearn for you
I yearn for you
throughout my days
I yearn for you

You and I are lovers
and tonight we burn
each others flame
through our touch we learn
— two worlds spinning
into a brilliant orbit
such hearts never sinning

And I yearn for you
I yearn for you
my passion burns
I burn for you

Your parasol cannot shade
such an inferno like my heart
more than Dante’s journey
one that fuels such flames
The evening stars may fall
but each one onto my heart

Yes I yearn for you
and my heart burns
such souls yearning
will always have a flame

:: 01-31-2014 ::


WHEN in sleep and I dream
sometimes little things
from the land-of-here
fall through the sleep
into over-there
Such no wonder then
that when I dream
the same reversal
happens here —
explains the reason
for the monster
in my closet…

:: 01-31-2014 ::


AND when your tears fall
before the rains come
so shall the tears fall
throughout your monsoon

:: 01-30-2014 ::