Daily Archives: January 30, 2014


WHAT slanders the sun
that makes it fall
a settling of debt
paid by all

Her brilliance gone
but save the moon
within seeping cold
at night repent

:: 01-30-2014 ::


WHEN dreams fly away
they fly toward the south
where broken spirits meet
below the equator of my heart

And when you last spoke
not your songbird tunes
it tore through my heart
and I was just so broken…
the pieces scattered
into a frozen wind

When dreams fly away
they fly toward the south
where my spirit went to die
below the equator of my heart

And on and on I still can hear
the songbird tunes of your heart
So long my dove I wish peace
within your beautiful life

:: 01-30-2014 ::


IF your pain burns your soul
and your tears drown you
and the silence above
smothers you…
I am only a call away
We are a brother-sister hood
a commonality in flesh and blood
Oh there is no shadow play
in the light of such love
My day is your calendar
blank slate for your needs
So lovely soul call upon me
no need to hide away

:: 01-29-2014 ::


Silly phonetic puddly daze
eat a white dove of peace
crazy media please police
Kick a pig dead in its face
NSA calls Barry pleading
ink executive orders today
We are living under a gun
I believe a dead man speaking
he knows the place Hoffa sleeps
and vanilla ice cream screams
all the while aliens eat strawberries
Won’t somebody
give me a piece of peace
before God almighty sneezes

:: 01-29-2014 ::


LOVELY light sing your symphony
melt the disease of humanity away
cleanse my soul beyond reproach
so my Father finds me approachable
I have sinned many times I confess
but my heart in darkness I arrested
The crimes are that I am human
let the axe fall upon my neck
if such offense garners death
I praise you and the stellar beauty
of all you have created




HOW we fear the judgment
upon death so near
The fear of sin
weighed against
eternal life
But through death
arrested is sin
for the dead
cannot sin!

:: 01-29-2014 ::


IN the house of your highness
with a King always away
You’re the queen of all your senses
In all the countries of our world
So let everything slide off of you
all the stress and drama of days
Delete all man infestations  
delay all the destruction
manifestation keeps the old world
and each new day will be your way

And in between all the confusion
call upon the unseen eye
that chakra of love be with you
and let love rein in blood and life
There is no deeper risk in life
than loving life and tasking risks
There is no deeper way than this
so rise higher than your world
the purpose is life and love is there

There is a deeper way
than what you know
and love — the seventh wave —
is the future and only way

:: 01-29-2014 ::


There is no deeper
risk in life
than loving life
and taking risks

::01-29-2014 ::


GRAINS of sand
such is time
but a grinding mind
sets its focus
throughout its life
not how to live
but how to die

:: 01-29-2014 ::


A CURIOUS thought
crossed my mind
that modern women
would strive to be
an equal to men…
this clearly
a lack of ambition!

:: 01-29-2014 ::