Daily Archives: January 2, 2014


AND so blew in the winds across
the barren lands of vast disillusion
and into the window of your mind…
The canary called by a song as you fell
upon the space across a cliff
and down you spread
– crying-hope –
within your arms bitter-taste despair
by salt-pain bearing enduring – not sparing
fearing the loss of love


LACRIMOSA II (Tears of Sorrow)

IN cranial space
— knowing not evil
lurking there…
weakly I crawl
into razor-tears

So often
so deathly near
is my fear

Today near death
— but grazed
nothing happened
but life
Tomorrow’s chance:
a touch of death

Cold-nights bring
black void-ignorance
death-kiss teach-us fear
tomorrow happens – for some
the end more near



TODAY I placed
within my purse
an object of
unequaled value

Tucked away
between the liner
and just below
the case of blush

— lays my hidden trust!

It has no diamonds
yet shines
and of scents
it has none either

And hard to see
impossible to be
unless you’re kind
for such is what it’s for

— lays my hidden trust!



A New Year has come to visit
and yet the past remains
— an echo that seldom dies.
Pushing aside such pleasantries
— we have the chore of living.