Daily Archives: January 25, 2014


THE presence of my anguish
compels the bloodbath of words
singularly slaying convention
rules for sheep within fences

Bind that tongue if you must
conform if you must for peace
but leave the rest for warriors
We sing the song and keep the fire

Liberty comforts the heart-free
the rest bask in uniformity
blood-eye patriot survive for me
bring home my sense of liberty

Sweet precious families sleep
the peace a burden for the strong
upon our backs deliver we must
the future of a free society

:: 01-24-2014 ::


SANG the song bird
so solemnly
upon it’s perch
unknowingly in peace
the destruction below

Innocence is blind
decayed reality
below the bridge
she sings to me
melodies of truth

Let’s sing a song
unsheathe the disease
and lay down the sword
the blade is worn
and life is sharp

The bewildered youth
clearly see melee
confusion is the union
Let our future control
and guide us to our fate

We sing the song bird’s
song of truth and light
perched so high above
it touches
— the film of heaven

:: 01/24/2014 ::