Daily Archives: January 8, 2014


SO powerful is love
that fate bends
to appease
it’s divine needs



I CAN only live as what I am
even if it hurts you
So sad I am to know
if tears fall upon your face
I will taste them each day
and love life if only for you
I can only live in truth
and my faith believes in me
If it loves me it loves you
I live each day as my last
and I wish the same for you
living each day as my last day
And I hope some day
you willl join me



the passion of youth
and have spent
the treasure of life
upon a whim
all this and more
in denial of mortality
— yes in youth
and now faced with mortality
— the fire of burning time
I laugh at the folly
of this system
to fear an end
is to deny
a new beginning!



PASSION breath my love
betray not a one
who beneath my wings
protect I — from life
Lessen your life-winds
less the robin falls
from its high perch
and love nests…
let them remain
within the bosom
of dreams and night



THE emotional dimension
— most interesting
a part of the human-animal
a landscape built on perception
the landfill —
of revelations | experiences
beauty and truth and joy-pain

These nuances
constitute the human-experience
do beat down
such dark hole
some call depression
— spiritual malaise
threatens to eat us alive



I TASTED a feeling of wonderment
more than once within a span of life
greatness prevailed human depravity
to hear Beethoven –
Symphony No. 9 in D minor, Op. 125

I tasted a feeling of wonderment
more than once within a span of life
greatness prevailed human ignorance
to understand Einstein –
E-MC2 is not small fare of ingenuity

I tasted a feeling of profound shame
more than once within a span of life
to read of tyranny –
Hitler, Mussolini, Mao, and Pol Pot

Wonderment is a bitter-sweet taste
it holds no-bar the color of bearer
wept we should and must we be in awe
humanity so beautiful yet so horrific!



I WAS born upon a raft
a castaway upon the sea
many a year ago my birth
— upon the briny deep

And all I know
is the vast waters
all points across
an oceanic reality

But once I dreamed
born I be upon a land
where all I saw
was disharmony

all points across
vast humanity
where fear and pain
delivered a daily dose

I now realize my
birth-induced reality
is far better than
human-animal insanity