Daily Archives: January 17, 2014


I AM so I was
there I be
between the has
a step ahead
fire-time burn
Not to rest
yet to be
I surge upon
the emerald seas

A point in time
butterfly touch
convey emotion
will-power sees
weakness in fabric
time-winds tight
spinning busy
with-my cocoon-be



SWEET tear save me
before you fall upon
empty skies…
Show me what
I am dying for
I am lonely
and spent
Life has
kissed me
and then left me…
to fend for myself
Give me some hope
if only to live
another day…



IF I cried
the world
I do believe
would sigh
no passion -only
I believe
and I refrain
— delicate mind
wishes do believe



THE need to break free
from dogma and religion
politics and pseudo civility
leads me to believe
dreaming is a product
and living is the dream
I hope some day to break free
from objects — possessions
to imagine all the people
sharing all the world
where we live as one

Brother and sister
and the animals
and creatures of the sea
some day I hope this
— that you will join me



WE say sorry some days
and sometimes not
I cry rivers on stormy days
But my ancient love
Lasts out weather-love

So surprised my love
When the mason man comes
bricks lay upon bricks
a wall between you and me
protects me from crazy love

My ancient love is strong
amazed so surprised love
but the time flows between
your heart and my survival
so kiss is love and tomorrow’s



I’VE had a barrel of lies
rolling down upon my face
and spending all my days
wondering what was next…
I don’t want to spend my life
watching my back all the time
I need the truth as my armor
and a strength of Samson
won’t you be the truth and light
burning all the deceit and lies
I don’t want to be a burden
just the love of all your life



LIES came to feast today
upon sun bleached bones
I rode a bicycle across dust
as swords cut the ankles
of my sweet freedom
Mother called for me today
I saw her face a stranger-be
my tears crumbled her soul
and in the dirt I ate my forgiveness
nothing to kill or die for
I imagined what could have been
And my hope is for some day where
we can join as one and be love



I TOUCH a moment
caress it’s skin
cold it be solemnly
Cast aside it is
for another time
this moment sadly
breathes a last breathe
It cries within
— so am I



AND who do you hear
when the last shoe drops
a tree fell within my forest
the party of life too noisy
but the buzzards…
they can smell

And when your star fell
upon who’s ground burned
the last of love’s hope
a grub worm saw
— yes it did
you dig into the dirt

I’ve got a question…
but the answer
is too hot
I’ve got a question…
but the response is rot


Who you know isn’t so
and the night loves her cloak
what you see isn’t so
I touched a third rail…
— just to feel