Daily Archives: January 20, 2014


WE are part of
indeed part in
life and love
pain and sorrow…
Leave no stone
unstepped —
no heart untouched
daylight afire
nighttime desire



THE dance began with a smile
tempered joy-tickled heart
we knew the feelings teasingly
— fought the flood passion-lay
to no avail so we set our sails
and off we sailed into our dreams



MY road I’ve trampled
a dusty forlorn mistress
twisting winding wishing
burning rubber
— upon her curves
a wreckage I am missing
a crashing
— through the guardrail
slowly am I falling
toward the heap
of twisting metal
toward the graveyard
of the ghosts
of boyfriends-past



THE dream awoke within my life
to me it tenderly spoke —
whispery sound a murmur
— a feather-fell
to you I come to feel as real
a dust-sleep dream to life
no life in such a murky realm
for living has its needs
and dreams provide the seeds



WHILE on a walk
through my forest
across a bridge
of ancient wood
I chanced to stumble
upon a treasure
a heart shaped
piece of puzzle
— a figural
’twas the last
of what I wanted
to touch the love
I so much needed
it’s shape and color
perfectly fit
— interlocking
then I sat upon a log
thunder struck
by the beauty
— of it all