Daily Archives: January 1, 2014


MY wish so tender-simple
bare feet running upon the grass
My eyes– a smile wide
kissing blue-soft skies
belly-deep carefree laughter
Oh! Though my skin
— the older grows
and whiter the snow
— upon my head
there be youth-fire
within my hearth
Sweet time-gentle
bless my mind…
intoxicating rivers
of memories past
Today awaken I as old
but to sleep in youth
— I surely go!



what moments to dream when I see
that I know your soul beyond plain text
physicality breach empty space
unseen touch by soul-spirit embrace

it’s your heart that beats me
thrumming rhythmic-stroking

the genuine shadow-spark visit
fair-hearted pixie damsel dancing
(the dance upon my bed always) glowing
a drunken-lust confession suing me

the forest of your hair upon my tree
the death-kiss of love butterfly lips

what mornings come when dreams recede
darkness drains and gold-light grows
showing glint and sparkle fairy-dust
my patience thinly awaits the night again

:: 12-31-2013 ::


WHAT imagination does
the young heart lives
such an old soul dreams

Moving about in dreams
sometimes a night we skip
falling stars glow-burn

What imagination gives
the young heart sows
such the old soul believes

So on this special night
the night gladly warms you
and gives you common space

Brothers and sisters live
in a brotherhood of man
imagination cherishes you

:: 12-31-2013 ::


MADNESS over love is crazy
but crazy gets things done

:: 12-31-2013 ::


WE purge yes we do
all of the poison
from last summers
festered boiling
conviction’s dagger

Say the sun does
sound too bright
and the bee’s buzz
— honey-laced kiss
gritty pout dirt
hug-lick my soul

I’ve only one last
ticket to alice’s hole
the last the rabbit stole
follow bravely me souls!
the grand adventure awaits
from madness away lets go!

:: 12-31-2013 ::


WHETHER such weeping
soothes an aching heart
that feather-feel upon
the breast so tender
matters for naught

Who knocks but tears
upon your cedar door
surely the reason
nocturnal singing
by Nightingales

Flow-bow wayside my dear
the reed who bends
against torrential winds
but never breaks her stem
romantic hearts eternally burn

:: 12/31/2013 ::