Death of Morning Revelations Bare

inthe.equisite; _ death of morning revelations bare >> ly i rode the chords of Life
among otherLittle roundtables SOUND: continues
the FRETS of my board burning appeggios
and scales I devoured iNg.the
(green Elysian fields of after-last breathing
i kept. ) BOOM boom.
rivulet hips
eyes that eat ME — let me by your side
c loud-glass Moon is a sight we eat
L cARVED smiles 🙂

perFUME skin-ed verbal mist-flowers

:: 05.25.2020 ::10 SECONDS

Just floating by
a beautiful world
some swim, some walk
and others drown
–like this child
of mine
Such a beautiful babe
eternity within your
iris’ while i feel i
sleep at the world
as we drive through
as we drove through
Another soul unattended
drove through us — what
then we became then
Just floating by a beautiful
world, some swim some walk
and others drown –
like this child of mine.
I am with you.
believe me.
as we dream.
all is peace.

:: 02-12-2019 ::

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