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What grows —
Love or
animal behavior
delivers strength
but love —
a future of peace
one a feathered peacock
the other Angelic wings

:: 04-0-2014 ::


So we agree about the situation
and it’s all very well —
but what to do about the human
those that love and hate

nothing, they will kill each other
and we can wash our hands clean

but what about life and love
they exhibit it too dear
and we are not like them

well, here we are I agree
maybe wait for a One
who can balance it out

dear, we tried that once
remember — they killed him
and now they are more hungry

then I say let human decide
and we know that equation
zero sum

Lover, not if I have my way
I will never abandon
and have something up the sleeve

very well…dear
unleash your love
and Grace will Save them

those animals with souls
we breathed unto them
judges will judge

:: 03-31-2014 ::


Should I skip a tulip upon
the face of death so elegantly
the horror or pleasure being
release of state or satisfaction
that tethers are cut to flow
above the skies of blue release
Human flesh I sing-weep for you
the perfection incased in beauty
Lower lips cascading tear-love
most souls sweep into the sea
but your love floats a heaven

:: 03-03-2014 ::


MY friend of stature walked by
always dream-walking he is
I was leaning out my window
two stories high when I saw him
the giant beast who slumbers
I whistled for him and he turned
and a single step before me was he
his face as wide as double windows
and eyes as large as boulders
but gentle brown fawns in composure
I told him my problems and he sighed
and tears fell down his massive cheeks
I caught a few within my room
and nearly drowned from his passion
go gently my dear gentle giant
I walk with you along the dream path
and may never wish to visit this world again

:: 02-25-2014 ::


TODAY a chance to help one that hurt
Nothing more gave I but just a smile
Gently lifting such a spirit off the dirt
was nothing more than with a smile
Her health appeared strong but less
was the light that shone within her eyes
I took her hand and said love is real
suddenly her light grew more than fear

:: 02-19-2014 ::


MY DEAR daughter who brought me back
from the precipice of cold death
I was there to bring you forth
from womb to a world so cold in heart
I am remiss to express this fact
— you were already there with me
My love is defined by your grace
and I have learned in my flesh
what you taught me from beyond
I say to you — I love you
and forever will be there
hand in hand–heart in heart

:: 02-01-2014 ::

The SMALL giant

HAVE you seen
the Giant-Small?
It lives in glass
and sleeps in dirt.
One to show
the other to hurt.

Have you seen
the Small-Giant?
It lives in love
and sleeps in gold.

One to hug
the other to know!

:: 1-13-2016


MY lady who loves in discreet pleasures
behind castle walls of noble stone
that can cast a spell with a glance
and compel nature to perform miracles
I say to you that your life is my pleasure
and I am undone by your beauty and grace

This mere mortal who suffers daily in spite
of holy sacraments on regular basis
offers only a thimble of worthiness
in your eyes I can only wonder what thoughts
may clash between your mind and heart
but nonetheless I bravely speak my mind

As thunder speaks and lightning talks
and departed souls wander aimlessly
in a shroud of mist — I say to you yes you
I cannot live without your daily attention
and to suffer anything less…
will be my absolute and unequivocal undoing


Compassion is a natural extension of our understanding and wisdom.

With true wisdom we grow more compassionate for the people we meet.

And with compassion we ourselves grow wiser.


There are some
whose solutions are not
based on numbers
but love