LIES came to feast today
upon sun bleached bones
I rode a bicycle across dust
as swords cut the ankles
of my sweet freedom
Mother called for me today
I saw her face a stranger-be
my tears crumbled her soul
and in the dirt I ate my forgiveness
nothing to kill or die for
I imagined what could have been
And my hope is for some day where
we can join as one and be love


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2 responses to “LIES

  • bejamin4

    Love these lines: “my tears crumbled her soul / and in the dirt I ate my forgiveness”. Very powerful.


  • erobles1963

    Hi Bejamin…I often thought that therein in those words should have been the title of this poem. Poets write to alleviate the madness of their emotions. I am always on a thread between here-and-there and when I receive such replies as yours, well, it pulls me back toward Terra-firma. Thank you…I have a drink that is waiting and I could never reach it from ‘over-there.’ 😉 (just kidding..maybe…?) ~ Phil


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