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The greatest cosmic joke:

that humans believe
they are in control
of world affairs

the cosmic Jester
— laughs —


(c) E.P. Robles 2012

WHAT do I miss of the older time
before the buzz and dizzy busy?
A quaint moment throughout the day
one of clarity and not dismay
When a walk meant a conversation
between my feet and cobblestone
And a tip of my hat to passerby
was just a kind and noble gesture
What do I miss of the older time…
a sense of sanity and kind humanity

:: 02-06-2014 ::


DESIRE pleases us
in many ways
the natural urge
— that compels
for many it must
be fastly quenched
or the magic
— loses its spell

My desire can never expire
it dwells within another place
— far from flesh and skin
between the fold
of existence
beyond the sight
of human eye

My desire — a burning fire
needs no explaining
it resides over there
— beyond the way
eccentric I am
some would say

:: 01-26-2014 ::


SOME say death is by chance
a twist of fate
— merely happenstance
And other take the rein
believing death by their own hands
I say death is the magician
A slight of hand — misdirection
— allowing humans to believe
the end is fate or self-fulfilled
But angels see the COLD PACT
forged before time itself
Life is a ledger and always paid
— when balance is due

:: 01-12-2013 ::


EMBRACE the brave
new sickness– it will kill
as surely as it heals


AND the last kiss
from the last lovers
on the last day
for Mother Earth
reignite the flowers
swimming fish
flying birds
crawling things
And the hope
for humanity
and all creatures
large and small
This is love…



I TASTED a feeling of wonderment
more than once within a span of life
greatness prevailed human depravity
to hear Beethoven –
Symphony No. 9 in D minor, Op. 125

I tasted a feeling of wonderment
more than once within a span of life
greatness prevailed human ignorance
to understand Einstein –
E-MC2 is not small fare of ingenuity

I tasted a feeling of profound shame
more than once within a span of life
to read of tyranny –
Hitler, Mussolini, Mao, and Pol Pot

Wonderment is a bitter-sweet taste
it holds no-bar the color of bearer
wept we should and must we be in awe
humanity so beautiful yet so horrific!



TODAY I placed
within my purse
an object of
unequaled value

Tucked away
between the liner
and just below
the case of blush

— lays my hidden trust!

It has no diamonds
yet shines
and of scents
it has none either

And hard to see
impossible to be
unless you’re kind
for such is what it’s for

— lays my hidden trust!



WHAT imagination does
the young heart lives
such an old soul dreams

Moving about in dreams
sometimes a night we skip
falling stars glow-burn

What imagination gives
the young heart sows
such the old soul believes

So on this special night
the night gladly warms you
and gives you common space

Brothers and sisters live
in a brotherhood of man
imagination cherishes you

:: 12-31-2013 ::


MY WISH is to apologize
to those that endure
the prose of a feverish mind
My emotions are molten lava
and my psyche mere human flesh
So when my desire is to write
I scream within and transpose
with flash-time swiftness
and never look back  
— it is my weakness
Forgive me for transgression
and I always include you all
— within my nightly prayers
I wish to find the dirt
upon my face without
a grave marker
— read and forget me