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WE pretend
to show affection
beneath the lies
— Silhouette —
a hidden rope
around my neck

You could bring
me a diamond
But there’s no stone
harder than your heart
I could scream and cry
blood in a tea cup
staring at all
my spare parts

You took the treasure
of my heart shaped box
a figure of speech
only for those
who know ignorance

I would have loved you
more than life itself
If only the love you had
was better than gold
But now I cry blood tears

My tears of red fill
the porcelain tea cup
strewn around me
nothing but spare parts
I live within
a nightmare dream

:: 01-29-2014 ::


LOVE seeps into affairs
my sweet love…
Speaks in ancient words
sweet love
burns the rule book
— so be strong love
changes the world
and doesn’t paint
life by numbers
sweet love…

Who you want love
isn’t by any name
the tongue can’t speak
the feeling you have
so you’re going to have
to take the tiger
by its tail sweet love
and devour it’s heart
Love is a chore
for the strongest hearts

:: 01/22/2014 ::


I SHAN’T be long this day
for I am gathering
the brood
Sister bring the daisies
as sometimes
— the hare devour
Leave the cupboard spirits
and tend to father’s farm
— my hands are raw and bare!
And tonight I have a grand affair
the genteel
— sprouts my field
and I’ve nothing for my hare
Your foolery spoils my day
curse be a ruined affair!

:: 01-22-2014 ::


WE say sorry some days
and sometimes not
I cry rivers on stormy days
But my ancient love
Lasts out weather-love

So surprised my love
When the mason man comes
bricks lay upon bricks
a wall between you and me
protects me from crazy love

My ancient love is strong
amazed so surprised love
but the time flows between
your heart and my survival
so kiss is love and tomorrow’s



I’VE had a barrel of lies
rolling down upon my face
and spending all my days
wondering what was next…
I don’t want to spend my life
watching my back all the time
I need the truth as my armor
and a strength of Samson
won’t you be the truth and light
burning all the deceit and lies
I don’t want to be a burden
just the love of all your life



SUCH VISITS I am humbled
those who host such events
Unseen but felt they are
paranormal pleasantries

They are without names
or title but speak to me
royalty and common seed
Such like flowers un-grown

Second Coming will be known
even now the knock upon door
Such guests never say
when they come — even now!



MY DEEPEST despair, a formal greeting
Such reasons like pompous meanings
My heart bleeding upon corner stones
Such time until I become seconds

My hands so calloused in meaning
Of feelings, heart, and believing
Tis a frightful way
Regressed living
My cage small in existence

But now is paramount to be
if nothing just for me
A summer breath burning
From flesh–to–boiling–it’s me



THE pain speaks clearly
no introduction needed
A bastard for a mumble
the razor edge bleeds
No need to plead–indeed
such weakness is meat
for fangs deeply digging
— in me such remorse
To believe in love indeed
cello speak for me…
this night I bleed eternally



I WAS born upon a raft
a castaway upon the sea
many a year ago my birth
— upon the briny deep

And all I know
is the vast waters
all points across
an oceanic reality

But once I dreamed
born I be upon a land
where all I saw
was disharmony

all points across
vast humanity
where fear and pain
delivered a daily dose

I now realize my
birth-induced reality
is far better than
human-animal insanity



IT wasn’t so long ago
that we meet
inside our minds
Once you had a choice
I gave you more of mine
Now nothing will be
that hasn’t had a chance
living inside your skull
has given me much clarity

Tears in the rain
–get lost
Tears in the rain
–drown you

Does it bother you to know
just how lonely that you are
Silence has a name and more
It’s written across your heart

Years living in vain
–ruined you
Years being insane
–became you
Yes you…