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And what if love
could be given
without fear
or inhibition

and just as easy
to receive —
as loving one another
wouldn’t hearts sing?

And what if love
could be received
without question
or expectation?

To live within a world
without broken hearts
love could thrive
like two close lovers

Lets begin to change
the color of our world
and believe in love
and let it grow…



TODAY I placed
within my purse
an object of
unequaled value

Tucked away
between the liner
and just below
the case of blush

— lays my hidden trust!

It has no diamonds
yet shines
and of scents
it has none either

And hard to see
impossible to be
unless you’re kind
for such is what it’s for

— lays my hidden trust!



MADNESS over love is crazy
but crazy gets things done

:: 12-31-2013 ::


MY LOVE mere words
are empty shells
shrewn across sand
such castings color
sounds of ocean within
Doubt not these words
though empty shells

My life-light fills
each  constellation
Shed such tender skin
oh fear betrays such life!
what you see – what not
but life of yours greater!
Silently sing whales

Sing to me breeze so-easy
lullaby breath tear so tender
blue speaks ivory tenor
caps of white dance-sizzle
seventh wave passion-swells
Beneath waves and flotsam
jetsome golden crystal



LOVE has no shape
it turns around
and bleeds into thoughts
and sounds it sings
— into an ear
And causes the skies
to weep in sheets
— of winds or tears
Love is all around
for all to see
It can cause one
to blow their mind
and seeps into a soul
Because we love
and love is the truth
as truth loves
— you



IT WAS here beneath the willow upon this heart-kiss perfect day
that I caught the string upon which beats your tender heart.
My love what would such a song be if that sparrow could feel
that which burns for you within me?  And those daisies that spread
yellow splashes of brilliant sun-skin upon God’s slice of paradise
— what paint-passion colors would the brush of Cupid stroke?
And the air my dearest beloved!  What if the very air we breath
— could taste the fruit-love that grows upon thy vine of delectable passion!
Surely it would fragrant the likeness of cherry blossom no doubt!
My love — the night!  Imagine the darkness changing it’s ancient wardrobe
upon seeing the crystal-light heart that burns brilliant within your warm bosom.

Dear Sweet Love, I clearly confess such things are at times emotionally and
devastatingly pleasurable to think whilst alone this night!



I HAVE no living —
save the grace of love
She carries me through
the haze of lonely days
Such is belief in love
that upon my wish
one day may come
Until the purse of lips
touch my tender heart
believe I will that day
love comes to stay



I WAS lost
— when i died
from love
A victim of faith
and sincerity
bringing home
— reality

As flowers bloom
— beneath the sun
only words and acts
alone won’t lend
the magic that love
— upon depends

But within my heart
— the romantic lives
and knows one day
— here will she be
and then I will know
— she is my love



I LIVE with you
within my heart
It has no door
— lest you escape
And windows
— there are none
The meadow is here
— for you to lay within
And the sun shines!
— as do the stars
All are within my heart
— beautiful souls may come
but I shall never let go!


I’M falling into blue-skies
because the world
— is tender-round
Fly my feather-heart
into wind-highs
Because your heart
is blue – it makes me cry
No need for crystal-tears
you can hold my hands
and come fly with me
into love-is skies so blue