Daily Archives: December 27, 2013


OH my God please allow me
to not realize the fence
academia places between
fame and talent
— none I have
I follow boundaries
none I believe within
But the soul and spirit
love and kick and spit
and dance and kiss
let us be what we are
and heart and hug
what words give us
I love you all
— from the bottom
of my soul and all
I kiss you
love you
adore you



RIGOR MORTIS spreads upon the dead
complacency surely does the same
apart crimes of displaced compassion
together conspiracy to commit the dead
So the fire embraces imaginary lines
of transgressions never bought or said
Someone pay the price in giving flesh
and losing the part of living best
God I give you my eternal soul
forgive me my weakness in believing
let the sun shine upon my living spirit



WHAT of the man who adores
the baby breath of his child
and conjure ancient-spirit
to protect his broad
What of the man that love
the spouse who conflicts
the concept of enternal love
Who can say — without delay
truth or right – I’d be dismayed
what true love be in light of humanity
Hush my fellow human – say nothing!
Let the tides swell – believe me
the shores be clean post-storm
— this day