Daily Archives: December 3, 2013


FATHER who art in Heaven
allow my emotions to wither
that I can live a normal mortal-be
the streams of feeling overwhelm
it can be torrential I know you see
my blessing such curse within my skin
a lightening pole for stormy needs

So I pray just to you — if I can
just to be a simple drop of rain
crystal-clear and wet with tears
to fall from heights so great and tall
just me and my fellow tears is all
and at night when no eyes can see
the swollen tears I shed for thee


THE reason for living one’s life
in basked light and giving hands —
you breathe within me a calming need
to bathe at length within your love

The smell, a drunken passion in you —
sweet bumblebee (that’s me)
to pollinate my fields so far and wide
with your golden liqueur of nectar spirit

The tickle of my probing need so gently
upon your burst-colored skin —
just a taste is all I need!
Nature turn these petals into wings…

…and come fly with me!



IT was there within the crack
of a sun-baked sidewalk
a beaten trampled path upon

that I placed my brittle soul
next to the weeds that grew
within a gritty soiled ground

Passerby, your foot so close
to the fractured light —
I see your sole but lost my own

Is the reason why I choose
that the thumb of rule is to be
that I watch the walkers leaving me?



THE stage you bled — vocal notes ascend
a piece of you – so large you’ve spent
the messenger performer full of mystery
Ancient-contemporary composers which fed
your psyche and soma – expose themselves

Elegant solo artist — music-singing-acting
your prayer for strength —
body, voice, and vision you deeply desire
oh you whisper to the gods — allow my voice
to send this musical piece to my audience!

Shoes to floor, lights so bright — ensemble
ocean of faces, dark recess of high box seats
aesthetic striving your artistic aim!
Balance you wish — between achievements…
and artistic endeavor

But you, yes you, cast your spell across the light
for emotion and intellectual response this night!
Oh! Cosmos of soloist! —
entertainer, independent with sensitivity!
Choose emotion over cognitivity!

It’s your beautiful bond…
Sing piano – pianissimo
And never to walk the shadow of a gifted, ‘has been’
lullaby sing to me in my private solitude…
between the practice, promos, and rehearsals