Daily Archives: December 21, 2013


IT was the eve of a brilliant sunset
that love passed my way this night
It swept in on a wisp of fragrant air
Honeysuckle-spring lips soul-touch.
It was tremble-thunder delight
knee bending soul-clutching bliss.
But as it came so it left me this night.
Between the wings of a butterfly…
Softly it flew away…
My hands to slow…
My heart now cold
My love
I go…


THERE is an entrance
into this world
— the comfort room
that we depart
A way station
for the souls
between past
and future life
It is the meet
and greet for all
before new
skin suits
— go bravely
Again we
shall meet!



And if you heard
the angelic sound
— a musical lyric
in variation — eternal
What words to choose
a mumbling fool may say
— what tears to shed
mostly joyous — though
none I dare to share
Clearly unprepared
is the human mind
and heart to grasp
such grandeur
as God’s beauty
— love and let love
in Peace & Harmony