Daily Archives: December 22, 2013


TODAY such senses
ignited my way
Such a gift from on high
— oh my!
The trees melted
into the firmament
as molten blue skies
with cloud-white dew
gently dripped across
the lands of Mother Earth
What power that be
that ignites reality!?
Only love…it can be!



WHERE must I go
to kiss a dream
and hug a thought
or such things
—  to fold a river
or bending time
Seriously I ask
such silly questions
might you smile
— or even laugh!
But it’s my pleasure
— as my heart
nor my spirit ever grew
beyond the age of two
Why would I ever
ask for forgiveness?



IT WAS here beneath the willow upon this heart-kiss perfect day
that I caught the string upon which beats your tender heart.
My love what would such a song be if that sparrow could feel
that which burns for you within me?  And those daisies that spread
yellow splashes of brilliant sun-skin upon God’s slice of paradise
— what paint-passion colors would the brush of Cupid stroke?
And the air my dearest beloved!  What if the very air we breath
— could taste the fruit-love that grows upon thy vine of delectable passion!
Surely it would fragrant the likeness of cherry blossom no doubt!
My love — the night!  Imagine the darkness changing it’s ancient wardrobe
upon seeing the crystal-light heart that burns brilliant within your warm bosom.

Dear Sweet Love, I clearly confess such things are at times emotionally and
devastatingly pleasurable to think whilst alone this night!



THIS game
we love-play
to chase
your candy-tongue
Such a delight
for me my love
They dance
and wrestle
such intense
— labour-love
As tender
like rose skin
— potion love
Who wins
the tongue-fight
I say a toss
— soulful tie!
Unless mine
by teeth is pinned
within your
fang-lust clench



I HAVE no living —
save the grace of love
She carries me through
the haze of lonely days
Such is belief in love
that upon my wish
one day may come
Until the purse of lips
touch my tender heart
believe I will that day
love comes to stay



GOLDEN dreams
once I had
— like swaying braids
of yellow wheat
across vast fields
of loving land
But such dreams
— in parched days
and so they died
Now I sleep
and pray to dream
of crystal lands
and blue-kiss skies
She touches me
and my fears flee
Tenderly sleep-dream
kissing me
— we tenderly dream



I WAS lost
— when i died
from love
A victim of faith
and sincerity
bringing home
— reality

As flowers bloom
— beneath the sun
only words and acts
alone won’t lend
the magic that love
— upon depends

But within my heart
— the romantic lives
and knows one day
— here will she be
and then I will know
— she is my love



IF with ancient eyes
you could see
the grinding passage
of human-time
And the cycles
that dance upon
the hearts and minds
of all-in-kind
What say, for your
— might plead
to be released
from the criminal act
of human folly


I LIVE with you
within my heart
It has no door
— lest you escape
And windows
— there are none
The meadow is here
— for you to lay within
And the sun shines!
— as do the stars
All are within my heart
— beautiful souls may come
but I shall never let go!


I made a meal
for you and me
but my plate
was bare
— save the porcelain
— one for you
The truth
of this matter
as surely you may know
— I cannot eat a meal alone
So I watch your plate
and silver fork
and know where
this scene will go
— as my thought wanders
across the big unknown…
Today I placed
a vase of flowers
upon your burial stone
— in the rain
Mourning is the meal I eat alone