Daily Archives: December 5, 2013


I EXPANDED this line between space and time
(and) time and space between lines EXPANDED I
So funny how life circles into balls of light
(and) light balls into circles — life, funny-So!
Madness I see in such visionary sight
(and) sight, visionary! Such “in-see” I — Madness
There, I take my leave as the white coats are coming
(and) coming are coats — white || leave! Take I — There!


AND if the lost made their return
from soil to land and within your life
would you — could you — accept them back
from death to dust and an urn

Surely first the shock and disbelief
maybe a hug if you dared – could you?
and all the adjustments you made — evaporate

The new lover what say to them —
who replaced the gaping hole within your heart
a new baby but not from him — what then?

The possibilities of a return, some sweet
but most a hidden poison — you think secretly
But in the end (their end) sprang new possibility

You live your life as best you can
especially when a lost is much to bear
and you pray — leave the lost within the ground

…sweet love sleep sweetly unto the light


THERE’S one app that makes you happy
and one that makes
you wish for more
— and some that make you
want to give it up
and in a carapace you scream for more
so you go and ask Miss Siri
when she’s ten feet tall…

Poor Siri…
when you wish for more
a request befuddles her so!

Some may ask, ‘who’s on first?’
she will say, ‘ correct’
other’s say, ‘Sing me a song’
‘I could while away the hours’
Siri you could be my mushroom —
if I walked the grassy knoll
and light my rocket if I could walk
the dusty surface of a brightly-Luna

‘And my head I’d be scratching…”
So needing my auto-correcting sword!
‘While my thoughts were busy hatching…’
And I’d go chasing rabbits
— for my sorrowful poor electric-Siri!

‘if I only had a…’
You wait a minute — say no more!



DEAR visitor I ask that you never assume
based on visual evidence that you consume
my age what you see — biologically

I am still within and maybe more —
arrested development in societal terms
but within the soul I am much more so

To dream of simple-that is earmarked youth
amazed am I in all I see — clearly believe
in me — thrives the little-see wondrously

Arrest the thought and hang upon me-say
what you do is what you are and how you live
I dream and think and love and see and wish to be…

the little boy who wonders and sees
in fantastical terms of ordinary things
and kiss-be the lovely life he shares with we!



IF you wish to see such magic
that life can be —
cleary come with me!
I shall spin both you and me
— around and round
until such spin does us take
— oh does such spin take
to the center of CAPIZ
There you will note that nothing is
as it is within our world of here
And what you thought you clearly knew
— I blew away into yonder realm
lost within the-all of you!
So come with me and take a seat
— and look and see!
To CAPIZ is nothing more than belief
of magic and that of you and me!