Daily Archives: December 30, 2013


— what state
Surely I will visit
My suitcase packed
— unknown destination
My intuition says
a map cannot reveal
locations of the mind
Much easier a travel
when disposition drives


A CURIOUS TRAGEDY (The Beauty Who Yearns)

my beautiful tragedy
Society of high
and low know not
such suffering
upon your soul
The beauty
— who hath no love
But mirage
of shadow-lust
What price
— you would pay
to find love
tender and true
No cost for you —
Such love
indeed too rare



SUCH mastery at disguise
Split-rationality diffused
Lose a shadow upon a pin

Incognito my lover-pain
touch the heart nonetheless
a dip into blue berry jam

Losing essence my pauper
someday the poor will pay
emotional vault empty this day

Guess as good a bent penny
worth a cent but nothing more
a funky feeling when you pay

Incognito blues pave my way
Pain-creature confused today
my tracks diffuse his way

:: 12/28/2013 ::


I innocently believe
and do so carefully
that respect for life
returns the same
— so kindly
But the evil that lurk
within the rot-hole
betray the sweet
for bitter-taste
— so blindly



The world buried
— today
a friend familiar to me

One that I grew
— to know
one who loved me so

Her lines were delicate
— but razor sharp
A cut through carelessness

I would say hello
— in black ink I bled
across her tender face

Today the world buried
— the closest of my friends
The written letter to rest we put