Daily Archives: December 9, 2013


When I
sing into that night
alone and lonely
you’re there
but not in body
but my mind says so
and I reach out
and touch you
but you’re skin
betrays my touch

There’s frozen
eyes in my mind
nothing can
bring me down
not your pain
or mind —
and nothing
seems to kill me
no matter how hard
I try to taste
the love of you

Pain and delight
bring me — down

Love and pain
bring me —
your soul tonight

You’re everything
I need this night
you’re everything
I need in life —
nothing can break
me at all
I accept the fall

You’re everything
I need tonight
You’re everything
I need in life
I give you everything
I need
I give you everything
I own

Let’s give it the all
and let it be our fall
Nothing can break us
if we’re in the inside
love is all — be all


My DEARLY loved one
there truely
are no words
that expression
god-smack love
that smittens
the best of us
to express
such feelings
that betray
our mask
of hidden

My nature – so low
compared to Mother’s
love — what you need
I lack in my given
To believe that gulf
can be bridged —
is more than I know
but I try and so I do
in all I say and think
I always truely think of you
Let fire and ice
burn and freeze me
but never disbelieve
What my words
–that I try to express

To you love
love always
for you
— forever…



DREAMY winter singing winds
— I hear their chorus tonight
As laughing tendril-finger snows
click and dance in dipping ice-flows
upon my furnace-spice lips
What B-flat notes are tripping
running — stripping
across key-minor hearts…
Oh, so vying are your spasms
— my destined lust-bombs
exploding fire
— blue and green
reflection across the frozen
river of our hearts…

Comes the ice
and mixing fire
into the cauldron
of our lives