Daily Archives: December 6, 2013


I can’t say
what other people
think of poetry…
But I know that
it speaks to me
when it’s truth


IT is…a remarkable thing
that which is organic
has a thought but is just flesh
and to feel! — what sorcery!
The ‘buy-in’ for this world
that others from beyond
wish to visit this rock of stuff
is that meat-talks…feels…
and has the spark of divinity!



[AS a wish just to me
I choose to speak —
in abstract poem
so here I say
to you the brave…]

MOSTLY shiver in my veins
beneath coiled rivers
in steel-stained vanes
how could she ever know
broken records shattered
polyvinyl grooves within my soul
beat the skip in troves of love
catch the dove within it’s peace
twist the neck of lover’s pain
and whisper neatly blood-red stains

[My apologies if I gave confused
— in return I have to go
that Imperial garden
of abstract thought
so I leave — shattered soul]



AH!, light’s formal wear
stars, pulsars, nebulae
comets, gamma-ray – stay away!
just the trimmings might I say
but when the light must entertain
out of the cosmic closet
— it pulls away
the skin of human into a suit
gender — what to pick!
consider the role that you wish:
male skin so brute and rough
— to the touch!
Female-elegance to impress…
Impress I say!  All the way!



THERE is an art between the green
lushes fern-meadow dripping wet
and on the ground swirling pond

A melancholy-lust bursting kiss
such desire have I to jump across
Monet’s Nimphee and into the mist

Monet, paint for me the love you see
and cast your brush across the sea
of the land and salt within my heart


YES there is a light
that bright light within
so warmly burning
eternally so warming


And so you catch a star
gently swinging from afar
and fall upon your head
— softly-bump your heart

And all your pennies falling
across a peppered-ground
tears so burning
— but not a sound

Dry-heaving sobs inside beating
fearful once it’s started…
and uncontrolled reeling
across the ground scattered feelings

But when it’s over – yes it shall
that inner strength releases
sunbeams of perpetual soul-light
and then shall you know —
the immortal soul you are…

indisputably strong
singing swan song