Daily Archives: December 2, 2013

The SMALL giant

HAVE you seen
the Giant-Small?
It lives in glass
and sleeps in dirt.
One to show
the other to hurt.

Have you seen
the Small-Giant?
It lives in love
and sleeps in gold.

One to hug
the other to know!

:: 1-13-2016


WHAT electric wizardry!
–this white clean store,
polished, white on white
unblemished glass and steel
unnerving to a naturalist’s eyes
but the translucency of gadgets!

A savior of circuitry serves man
Ah! Soon to be topsy-turvey
and even so — maybe now
who serves whom this day and age
when so many are teethered
to their devices — such a vice!


OH ME! The humble mute of stupidity
in my emotional turmoil I spew
senseless verbiage of love and toil
and common disease of social ill
But truthfully I say to you all
I am nothing more than a ghost
who walks amongst the beautiful
Forgive me, if you can I pray
for my arrogance and misplaced deeds


IF I think before I feel
the reaction is particles
of streaming actions
But when I feel and allow
my actions to take root
the result is a stream
of flowing love

Such is the double-slit
experiment of coherent light
its such a wondrous delight
the observer takes hold
of the observed in suspicion
the result is conclusive —
the mind is cold and calculated
but to feel is warmth and love



TO be one step
from the precipice
of the last chapter
of your life
and have the miracle
of a helping hand
pull you back —
indescribable relief
and such a love
beyond belief


I CONFESS my disposition to the world
the nature of my being — my soul
that of romantic and tragic spirit
quarter me, pierce me, kiss me
but never break —
the beating heart within me


THE folly of such innocent doings!
That we mortals timidly shy
when love is the excuse for our ways
Where does this fit into nature?!
Does the babbling brook stop its song
when your ear is present to listen?
Does the warbler stop its warbling
and covers it’s head with its wings
when you walk upon its symphony?
No, cleary these things are not so!
So, dear fellow spirit of our world —
let love reign and shy not from it’s doings
It will surely make life and Earth
the paradise that it already is for all!


MY lady who loves in discreet pleasures
behind castle walls of noble stone
that can cast a spell with a glance
and compel nature to perform miracles
I say to you that your life is my pleasure
and I am undone by your beauty and grace

This mere mortal who suffers daily in spite
of holy sacraments on regular basis
offers only a thimble of worthiness
in your eyes I can only wonder what thoughts
may clash between your mind and heart
but nonetheless I bravely speak my mind

As thunder speaks and lightning talks
and departed souls wander aimlessly
in a shroud of mist — I say to you yes you
I cannot live without your daily attention
and to suffer anything less…
will be my absolute and unequivocal undoing


OH tides that pull
and take me away
rapturous bliss
into that ocean
I go so peacefully
upon the jetsam
and heavenly flotsam
Such shoreless waters
permit me loving kisses
forever embraced
by the hottest blood
of that vast sea