Daily Archives: December 4, 2013


In respect to the need for immortality —
it is a disease of fantasy for the mind
there could be no worst sentence if you can
believe in these words I say to you now

To watch your love wither away into sand
and see your children  grow and die
and much more is such pain that you’ll see
cities grow and rot and decay
morals, art, and music sway
all the while you remain
the soul you are in a river of change

If I can choose between death and life
I choose to be the whisper upon the wind
and chase the dreams into my other lifes
and live again and again in perpetual immortality
A different face, life, skin, and family
encased within an immortal skin of soul-life


I FEAR my walls are too tall to scale
and you will regret you tried
how many broken nails would you give
to find the soul within my skin?

The lunacy of it all to believe in faith
that when the heart speaks you must listen
what passion drives you assume you must take
but what end state does your soul desire?

I only have true love and a golden heart
is that more than the treasure you dream
to comfort you in your days through life?
The question is not of love but faith

So you wish to live with me and maybe die
through the seasons of joy and pain and life
The fabric of your dress will fade and rot
in the grave — but our love will brilliantly survive!